BillMyParents Debit Card Review

There have been a lot of prepaid debit cards to hit the market today. Most of them are for people with bad credit that are unable to get access to banking services. I am typically not a fan of prepaid debit cards because so many of them carry high fees and charges. There are some prepaid debit cards however that do serve a purpose and do not rip people off like that Kardashian Debit Card. … [Read More...]

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Why I Am Buying FireEye Stock

I recently initiated a position in FireEye Inc (FEYE) last week after investigating the company for a few days. I have had my eyes on technology stocks for awhile as the hot theme in investing is to find disruptive technologies and FireEye fits the bill. This is a long term growth play so I started my position at just $20,000. … [Read More...]

Netflix Is Still Not A Value Yet

Investors in Netflix (NFLX) saw the stock drop over $100 per share last night in after hours trading. The stock actually pared its losses today as the company was down as much as 25% last night. Shares of Netflix dropped over 20 percent today as the company reported earnings last night. The Good News: Netflix's revenue rose 27% to $1.41 billion, and EPS doubled to $0.93 per share. The Bad News: Netflix gained 3 million new subscribers when the company was expected to gain 3.4 million by … [Read More...]

A Steel Stock To Buy With The Potential To Double

The Dow Jones and S&P 500 are near their all time highs. The market has been on quite a bullish run and there are not a lot of screaming buy opportunities out there. Technology and retail seem a bit long in the tooth to me. There are however some sectors that still have values and I have started taking long term positions in them. Energy, financials, metals, and basic materials are largely undervalued. … [Read More...]

Warren Buffett’s Portfolio

A look into the current investment portfolio of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. These are the stocks that America's best value investor is currently holding as of his last SEC filing statement. … [Read More...]

The Stock Market Is Overvalued

I am as big a stock market bull as anyone. The market has had a great run over the past few years and investors who stayed the course have made a great deal of money. I believe however a pullback is coming. It is simply too hard to find great values in the market now. Many great companies are trading at values (P/E, P/S, BV) that are simply too high based on their financials. (I love Amazon but a 1400 P/E ratio is outrageous for almost any company. … [Read More...]

Long Term Investors Have Been Rewarded

I have written many articles citing the benefits of long term investing over short term investing. Beating the market over the short term is simply too difficult for most investors to do. It is close to impossible to time the market. Most long time traders only have minimal success at buying low and selling high over the course of a few days. Long term investing gives the average investor the opportunity to make solid profits and reduces the emotional stress of watching the market day to day. … [Read More...]

A 97 Month Car Loan Is Ridiculous

Buying a car has always been an expensive proposition. Auto loans are often the second biggest expense that an individual has after buying a home. Despite an economy that has seen housing prices decline and wages stagnate, automobile prices have continued to rise. In order to deal with the rising prices of automobiles, lending institutions have been extended loan terms longer and longer. According to the Wall Street Journal, loan terms have hit a new record. … [Read More...]

Warren Buffett Named The Most Generous Billionaire

One of the reasons that I started this website is because I so admired the investing style of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. I have marveled at the investment strategy of Warren Buffett since my college days and have long since considered him one of the greatest minds in value investing. There is another reason however that I follow Buffett’s financial wisdom. Buffett has been a generous investor and his philanthropic endeavors continued in 2012. … [Read More...]

Abandon Ship On HP

The current fiscal cliff talks have caused a number of stocks to pull back in value. There are quite a few stocks who have become decent buying opportunities while others have become potentially worthless. One such company is in the technology industry. The company in question is the computer retailer Hewlett Packard Company (HPQ). Is HP a value play right now or a value trap? … [Read More...]

Buy Like Buffett In Black Enterprise

Pick up a copy of September 2012's Black Enterprise Magazine. I am in this month's edition making a few predictions about the overall direction of the stock market and giving my thoughts on three stocks that can benefit investors. I have selected one growth stock, one value stock, and one income stock that can make money for investors portfolios. … [Read More...]

Finding Growth In The Payroll Processing Industry

Investors often look in the wrong place when they are trying to find a company that can make them a lot of cash. Investors are attracted to the big name companies like Walmart's (WMT), Exxon's (XOM), Nike's (NKE), and Coca Cola's (KO) of the world. While these are all great companies that can make money for investors over time, they are not great growth stocks. Large cap stocks have a place in the portfolio of investors as income generators, defensive plays, or stable growers. Investors looking … [Read More...]

High Yielders For Dividend Investors

Investors that are in search of a good dividend in the current marketplace can still find good yields from companies generating high dividend yields. There are a number of companies paying out solid yields in all sorts of industries. The companies vary from small players to Fortune 500 companies. Here are a few good dividend plays. … [Read More...]

Internet Marketers That Are Making A Ton Of Money

The stories of the rise to wealth of famous people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey are legendary. They were each able to take their lifelong passions and turn them into billion dollar fortunes. There are other entrepreneurs that have made large amounts of income through innovative business ventures as well. Just because they are not on the cover of Forbes magazine does not mean that you cannot learn a thing or two from them. These 5 guys are making a ton of money on the … [Read More...]

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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Buys Bank Of America

The big winner on a down day for the stock market is Warren Buffett and Bank of America (BAC). Bank of America is up 9% on a day when the market is down 200 points. In a surprising move, Buffett made a $5 billion dollar investment in the banking … [Read More...]

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Dividend Investing

It’s Time To Take Some Profits

The title of this post may be a bit misleading. I am not predicting a major decline in the stock market as a whole nor do I think that all equities are overpriced. I believe that the outcome of the presidential election will have little bearing on … [Read More...]

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Best Buy Disappoints

Best Buy (BBY) reported earnings this evening and the results were not good. The electronics retailer saw its same store sales drop for the fifth straight quarter. The company’s electronics sales are being squeezed by Walmart (AMZN), Costco (COST), … [Read More...]

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