November Holdings Update

At the end of every month I will look at how my investments posted on this blog have done.   Stock Name                                     Cost Basis                                     Closing Price Alcoa                                                 $10.03                                            $10.76                     General Electric                                 $15.15                                            $17.17 Ingersoll Rand                                   $16.34                                            $15.68 Intel                                                  $13.80                                            $13.80   As of November 30, 2008 I have a gain on Alcoa and General Electric. I have a loss […]

Credit card companies are putting the squeeze on loyal customers

At a time when banks are losing money due to toxic assets, they are dropping the hammer on the already pressured consumer. The credit card divisions of the major banks in the US are trying to make up for loan losses by increasing credit card interest rates. Banks are raising rates on customers regardless of payment history. Customers […]

4 Sleep Easy Stocks

            There are some stocks that I have never sold and don’t plan on selling. I have owned these stocks for years and will probably always own at least a share of these companies. I call these stocks my sleep easy portfolio because these are companies that I do not worry about. They are relatively boring companies […]

Bright Spots in Retail this Holiday Season

I know we are in the midst of an economic recession and analysts are expecting a terrible holiday season for retailers. But I think that some retailers actually do okay. Will people shop as much as in years past? Obviously not. But I think the drop off will not be as bad as expected. The industries hardest hit by the downturn […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of Thanksgiving I will list the 5 biggest turkeys of the year:  1. Predatory Lenders – Lending companies and individuals that gave high fee, high interest loans to borrowers that they knew could not afford the loans. Many of these lenders have gone out of business. (Ameriquest, New Century Financial) 2. Greedy Executives – As mentioned in a previous […]

10 Simple Changes To Your Daily Routine That Can Save You Money

1. Skip the winter warm up. Letting your engine idle is unnecessary for modern cars. It puts excess wear on your engine and wastes gas.  Just drive off slowly and don’t mash the gas pedal. 2. Pack your lunch. Eating out will eat a hole in your budget. $5 here, $10 there…..It adds up. 3. Cancel any newspaper and magazine subscriptions. […]

Financial Stocks: Danger or Opportunity?

I am trying out a rather risky investment thesis by investing in financial stocks. I have begun to start building a position in the major financial stocks. I believe that the last few weeks have presented some good buying opportunities for financials. The three financial stocks that I have invested in are Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and […]

What if Citi Had Gotten Wachovia

I was thinking recently about the failed Citigroup Wachovia deal. As a Wells Fargo stockholder, I was in favor of the Wachovia deal because of the large deposit base that Wells is picking up. The merger will give Wells Fargo a major presence on the East Coast and should increase earnings in the future. But I can’t help thinking, what would have […]

My first stock

I remember buying my first stock after I had graduated from college. I had bought my first mutual fund at 19 and was now ready to dabble in stock. I had just gotten my degree in finance and was sure that I knew everything about investing. So I sat down and picked my first investment.  The […]

Build your savings on lower gas prices

Each week I will offer a savings tip to help you save some extra cash. This week’s tip: Use the extra money that you are saving on gas and place those savings in a high yield savings account. Gas prices have dropped sharply from their highs of this past summer. The average price for gas […]