Sold half of my position in Alcoa at $11.42 for a 24% return. I am holding on to the other half to see if the upswing continue. I’m glad that I sold my short position in SRS on Monday. SRS has declined to $52.47 per share.

Rohm & Haas Sell

Sold 50 shares of Rohm & Haas at $58.80 per share. My gain came out to be $5.35 per share. I only had 100 shares but still not a bad gain for less than 24 hours.

5 Signs you are drowning in debt

5 Signs that you are drowning in debt 1. You use your credit card so that you can pay your monthly bills. You use your credit card to pay for necessities like your phone bill, gas & electric or groceries. 2. You depend on cash advances in order to make it through the month. Cash advances charge […]

Rohm & Haas

I bought 100 shares of Rohm & Haas Company(ROH) at $53.45 as an arbitrage play. Dow Chemical agreed to purchase Rohm & Haas for $78 per share earlier this year. The Kuwaiti government pulled out of a 17.4 billion dollar deal with Dow Chemical which could hurt financing for the Dow Chemical-Rohm & Haas deal. ROH stock is down over […]

SRS Sell

Sold off 100 shares of Proshares UltraShort Real Estate ETF(SRS) at $62.  This was after the $4.56 distribution declared last week which would make my exit price over $66. There could be more upside to SRS but I never invest long term in any short position. I sell short positions once I have made a profit.

Buy It Like Buffett

Below are excerpts from a Motley Fool article by Anand Chokkavelu. It took him long enough. At the end of 2004, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway had around $44 billion in cash. Ditto for 2005. And 2006. And, yes, 2007 as well. At one point, more than 20% of Berkshire’s assets were earning money-market returns. While […]

Savings Update

So far i have been able to save $240.00 by depositing the money that I have saved on lower gas prices into my savings account. i will keep this up as long as gas remains below $4.00 per gallon. On average I have been able to save about $40.00 per fill up.

Best After Christmas Deals

These large retailers are offering some of the best after Christmas deals. Home Depot Nationwide and Online Dec. 26 to Dec. 31 The building store is offering several promotional rebates, including $300 off two or more select General Electric appliances, and up to 30 percent off select Dirt Devil products. For more information, visit Macy’s […]


I purchased $5 April call options on Wendy’s stock. This is the third largest burger franchise beneath McDonald’s and Burger King. I already own stock in McDonald’s which has performed well this year. I think Wendy’s may also see an increase in sales as consumers downgrade to cheaper restaurants.   Photos by belgianchocolate

Stock Watchlist

I am keeping an eye on the following stocks: Harvest Natural Resources(HNR) closed at $3.88 per share. This is a classic Graham play. This natural resources company is currently trading below its net current asset value and the cash on its balance sheet. Manitowoc(MTW) is down over 80% this year and is trading at $8.29 per share.  […]