Roth IRA’s vs. Traditional IRA’s

Planning for retirement is one of the most critical endeavors that an individual must undertake. Selecting the proper retirement plan can help to ensure a smooth transition into retirement.  Today we will take a look at two of the more popular retirement plans available: the Roth IRA and the Traditional IRA. An individual retirement account […]

CNBC Childish Behavior

Charlie Gasparino vs. Dennis Kneale Another example of childish behavior on CNBC. This type of behavior is becoming a regular occurrence on CNBC. Exchanges like this one can only hurt CNBC’s credibility in the business world. I have started watching CNBC with the volume muted so that I do not have to listen to such ridiculous exchanges. […]

Manitowoc Earnings

Manitowoc announced earnings last night of 51 cents per share. The company missed analyst earnings expectations of 57 cents per share. The good news is that Manitowoc had a 16% jump in sales and expects increased revenue from the purchase of food equipment maker Enodis. The bad news is that the 4th quarter resulted in a net loss […]

XLF Sale

Bought 350 shares of Textron(TXT) at $9.07. Bought 150 shares of Schwab(SCHW) at $13.63. Bought 150 more shares of Allstate(ALL) at $23.11. Bought 250 shares of DryShips(DRYS) at $8.90. DryShips is down over 27% today and $3.30 today. The company has announced that it has violated debt covenants and will have to sell shares to raise […]

Today’s Layoffs

When will this perpetual cycle of job losses end? Aerospace and defense giant Boeing(BA) announced that the company will be laying off 10,000 employees after reporting terrible earnings for the 4th quarter. Starbucks(SBUX) announced that the company will be laying off 6,700 employees and closing 300 stores due to declining sales. In a tough economic […]

America’s Cheapest Family

I came across a website detailing how a family of 7 live debt free on $44,000 a year. Their names are Steve and Annette Economides and they call themselves America’s Cheapest Family. They budget all of their expenses and stretch each dollar as far as possible. They plan food menus around coupons and discounts. Their children are able […]


Added 300 more shares of Aflac at $24.90. This is higher than my original cost basis but I think the stock could be a bargain. As I stated before the stock has lost roughly half of its value in the last two weeks. Aflac is expected to benefit under a good bank, bad bank scenario.

Financial Stocks

Sold 750 shares of XLF at $10.10 for a 15% gain. There was a tremendous run up in XLF today and I wanted to take some profits. Only made $1500 but in this market I will take it. I still hold almost 400 shares but I didn’t want to be greedy. Sold 350 shares of Bank of […]

More Dividend Cuts Coming

1. Dow Chemical The $1.68 dividend that Dow Chemical(DOW) pays is toast. Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris caved today and admitted that a dividend cut is a definite possibility. This is a change in tune from Liveris who defiantly defended the dividend after the collapse of the Kuwaiti deal. In the beginning of January, Liveris stated that, “Dow […]


Bought 120 more shares of the Financial Select Spyder(XLF) at $9.17. I know that financials are struggling but I expect the government will come up with a plan to save them. My total shares are now up to about 1120. Bought 90 more shares of Aflac(AFL) at 22.70.