Shaping Your Investment Strategy

An important step that any individual should take in investing is to clearly define and develop one’s investment objectives. Determining your investment goals and objectives will help you in finding the best strategies to meet your goals. There are some key questions listed below that can help you in formulating your investment strategy. Grab a […]

GM CEO Wagoner to step down

By TOM KRISHER and KEN THOMAS, Associated Press Writers General Motors Corp. Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner will step down immediately at the request of the White House, administration officials said Sunday. The news comes as President Barack Obama prepares to unveil additional restructuring efforts designed to save the domestic auto industry. The officials asked […]

Natural Gas At A 7 Year Low

I bought 200 shares of the United States Natural Gas ETF (UNG) @ $15.15 per share on Friday. This ETF mimics the price of natural gas futures contracts. With natural gas trading at a 7 year low and UNG hitting its 52 week low on Friday I figured that it was worth a shot. Natural gas […]

My Mistake With GE

As stated previously I currently own a couple thousand shares of General Electric (GE). I had been buying the stock between $7 and $13 per share. My plan was to buy thousands of shares when GE hit the $5 range. A few weeks ago the stock dropped below $6 per share and the Dow was down to 6,500. […]

Agribusiness Sale

Sold shares of MarketVectors Agribusiness ETF (MOO) at $30. I bought the shares two weeks ago below $27 and wanted to take some profits. The market has been rising for the past two weeks consistently and I expect that there will be a near term pullback.

Bought Mittal Steel

Bought 100 shares of Mittal Steel (MT) at $21. I have owned shares in Mittal Steel for the past three years but at a much higher cost basis. I think that many of the metals like steel, aluminum have already bottomed. Oil appears to have bottomed in the 30’s and has been on a tear climbing all […]

US Steel

US Steel (X) has had a nice run up to over $25 a share. I have sold my position at this time. There is too much short interest building in this stock and I think that a decline in the share price may be coming soon. I bought shares between $18 and $19 so I have a […]

How to find free stuff

Yahoo Article By Lori Bongiorno on the best ways to find free stuff: Log onto Freecycle and other reuse groups to search listings of items being given away by people in your town. Craigslist has a whole category dedicated to “free stuff” for each of its participating cities. Find everything from cardboard boxes to electric sewing […]

Big Rebound

As expected financial stocks soared today based upon a government plan to buy toxic assets from financial companies. Bank of America (BAC) is up to $7.80 a share. Just two weeks ago the stock was at $2.53 amid fears of nationalization.  I still believe that Ken Lewis is in trouble but Bank of America will be okay as long […]

Bank Stocks May Finally Be A Bargain

The US Treasury is finally set to unveil its plan to buy toxic assets from banks. The public private partnership is expected to buy up to 1 trillion dollars in bank assets. The government hopes to entice private investors with guarantees and offering low interest loans to remove toxic assets from bank balance sheets. The government will […]