Financial Crisis Affects Borrowers Worldwide

The current economic recession has taken its toll on homeowners in the United States. Property values for the 1st quarter of 2009 in the US were down an average of 14% over the previous year. This is after a decline of almost 10% last year in median home prices. States such as California, Florida and Nevada have been hit even harder […]

Market Thoughts

Oil has been on a rise over the past two months. Oil prices have risen over $60 per barrel after reaching a low of $35 earlier this year, I think that we could easily see oil at $80 per barrel by the end of the year. Decreasing supply inventories along with a slowly recovering economy […]

A Dividend Play With a Great Yield

Every now and then I come across an investment that yields a solid return and has very little media hype. I found a smallcap dividend play about a year ago with a very healthy yield. The company is called Hatteras Financial Corp (HTS). Hatteras Financial is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in mortgage […]

Facebook Worth 10 Billion

i just read a CNBC report that states that Facebook could be worth up to 10 billion dollars. Incredible. It makes you wonder. Why didn’t I think of something like that? I know that the guy who sold Myspace for 580 million must be kicking himself. Entrepreneurship is the number one money maker in America.

Expecting a Decline in The Dow

Bought shares of ProShares UltraShort Dow 30 (DXD) for my short term trading account. I now have 4 different ETF’s in my trading account that are for a short term pullback in stock prices. I bought these shares just below $51. As stated before I am also taking some profits in General Electric. I probably […]

Why I sold Gamestop

A year and a half ago GameStop (GME) was one of the largest equity holdings in my portfolio. For those who are not familiar with the company, GameStop is the largest video game retailer in the US. I had held shares of GameStop for over 4 years and was excited by the company’s growth potential. The stock […]

BankUnited Fails

Troubles in the banking industry are not over and are just beginning for many regional banks. While the large banks have access to government loans and private capital, many of the regional banks must deal with the problem of becoming extinct. The latest victim is BankUnited FSB which is the 34th US bank failure this year […]

Sold SDS

Sold ProShares UltraShort S&P 500 (SDS) at $61 today. I bought SDS as a trade and made a $4 per share profit on the sale. I think the S&P may decline further but I have a lot of short positions in play and wanted to take some profits.

Bank of America Sells Stock

Bank of America (BAC) was able to raise capital to help strengthen its liquidity. The bank giant was able to raise 13.47 billion in a relatively easy fashion. There was great demand for BOA shares as the company sold 1.25 billion shares without a hitch. I have to admit that this stock market rally has lasted a whole […]

Buffett Buys Banks

Warren Buffett increased his stake in banking giants Wells Fargo and US Bancorp.  Buffett added 4% to his Wells Fargo stakeand 2% to his US Bancorp holdings. Buffett must have deemed financial stocks cheap during the 1st quarter of this year. Wells was trading at historic lows just below $8. Buffett also increased his positions in Johnson & Johnson and […]