Win $25! Pick The Best Stock For 2010

Pick the stock that you think will perform the best in 2010. Give your reasons for why you think your stock will be the best performer of the year. The contest should have at least 20 contestants. The winner will receive $25 via paypal! The only rules are: You need to have a paypal account in order to […]

Sales & Purchases

I closed out my Short term positions in Allegheny Technologies (ATI), Fairchild Semiconductor (FCS), Electronic Arts (ERTS), Ultra Basic Materials ETF (UYM). I added more shares of Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI) and General Electric (GE).

How To Start Investing With $20

How To Start Investing 1. The first step is to determine what asset class that you would like to invest in. You can invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. 2. Now it’s time to get started. If you choose to invest in stock, you can use online sites like Buyandhold or Sharebuilder which allows you to buy […]

First Mariner Struggling To Survive

Last year I wrote in a previous post that that local bank First Mariner Bancorp(FMAR) was struggling for survival. First Mariner is the largest independent bank in Baltimore and operates 24 branches in the area. The bank has announced plans to close its downtown Baltimore branch after losing over $2 a share the previous quarter. First Mariner is also facing delisting from the […]

Banking On Bank Of America

I read an article today about how Bank of America has seen a rise in short interest. Traders are betting against the nation’s largest bank and expecting a decline in price over the short term. While this may be true I think that any weakness in the stock should be looked at as a buying opportunity. […]

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Best Product Ideas of the Decade

One of the best paths to building wealth is entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a large company like Steve Jobs or a relative unknown like Todd Greene. Listed below are a just a sampling of profitable product ideas of the past decade. Apple Ipod – The Ipod was launched by Apple at the end of 2001. Since its launch […]

Credit Card Companies Are Up To Their Old Tricks

I decided to google credit cards today and see what kinds of offers came up for individuals with poor credit scores. I was shocked by some of the offers that I saw. These cards won’t help individuals with bad credit improve their credit; these cards will only help their credit to get worse. These are […]

Debt Solutions For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to discuss an issue that plagues just about each and every person, debt. During the Christmas season we use credit cards to charge electronics, toys, games, clothing and various presents. Many people buy items that they cannot afford or may not even need due to the allure of […]

Four Employees Fired For Playing Fantasy Football

I read an interesting article online today. The complete article is from the Fort Star Telegram. Cameron Pettigrew called himself the “Fidelity Man.” Working as a relationship manager in the private client group at Fidelity Investments’ Westlake office, Pettigrew says he looked forward to work every day. He even remembers telling co-workers and friends that he planned […]