Advantages and Disadvantages of a Roth IRA

This is an article that I wrote for Moneycrashers on the Advantages & Disadvantages of a Roth IRA. Planning your retirement is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make concerning your financial future. Many people have questions about the different types of retirement accounts available and which one is the right plan for them. […]

Buffett’s 4th Quarter Moves

Buffett sold shares in the following companies: Carmax                 8 million shares Conoco Phillips   19.7 million shares Exxon Mobil         854,000 shares Gannett                2.2 million shares Ingersoll-Rand    5.6 million shares Johnson & Johnson 9.8 million shares Proctor & Gamble  8.8 million shares Suntrust Bank      700,000 shares United Health Group  1.2 million shares Buffett added to his positions […]

3 Small Cap Dividend Stocks That Pay

These 3 small cap dividend stocks are showing investors the money. 1. American Ecology (ECOL) – I have bought shares of this small cap waste management company in the past for its growth potential but now American Ecology has become a value play. American Ecology has excellent growth prospects over the next five years with a […]

Access Pharma (ACCP.OB) Product Development Update – Sponsored Post

Access Pharmaceuticals (OTC: ACCP.OB, “Access”) develops and commercializes products for the treatment and supportive care of cancer patients, including: – MuGard, an FDA-approved rinse for the management of patients with oral mucositis, a debilitating side effect of various cancer treatments – ProLindac, now in Phase II clinical testing of patients with ovarian cancer – The […]

New Credit Laws for 2010

The last few days have not been good for the major banks. First, the Fed raised the discount rate 25 basis points which will increase the interest rate at which banks are able to borrow money from the Fed. Secondly, Bank of America, the largest bank in the US, has to pay 150 million dollars in a settlement with the SEC […]

Apple iPhone vs. Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Microsoft just unveiled its new Windows Phone 7. Microsoft is known for its operating systems and had avoided entering the handset market. Microsoft will now have to compete against Blackberry, Apple, Nokia, Google and Palm for a share of the smartphone market. It will be interesting to see how well Microsoft’s entry into the smartphone market is received. Exact details are not […]

Reaping Big Rewards From Trash

I have been a fan of Waste Management (WM) for awhile and recommended buying shares in my post last June when the stock traded at $28. Waste Management now sells at $33 per share and continues to steadily grow earnings. I would like to take a look at another waste management company, Republic Services. It was […]

Issuer of 79.9% Interest Rate Credit Card Defends Its Product

Premier Bank is justifying their ridiculously overpriced credit card with an APR of almost 80%. This article was found on                  Issuer of 79.9% Interest Rate Credit Card Defends Its Product If you have bad credit in the new era of credit card regulation, be prepared to pay — dearly — for the privilege […]

Goldman Sachs

I trimmed my position in Goldman Sachs at $155. I still like Goldman but the stock looks vulnerable. I think I will get a cheaper price to buy back in.

The Lowest Rated Bank

And the lowest rated bank is…….. HSBC. I read an article today in the New York Times about how HSBC is the least trusted bank in America. Apparently a survey was given to customers of 7 of the major US banks and HSBC received the worst score. Only 16% of customers believe that HSBC operates in […]