The Growth Is Back At Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner Inc. (TWX) appears to be making all of the right moves. The media conglomerate posted strong 4th quarter results with revenue of $7.3 billion dollars and earnings per share of 55 cents. Time Warner announced that it would be raising its dividend to 85 cents per share and buying back an additional $2 billion dollars in […]

NRG Energy Downgraded

Shares of NRG Energy (NRG) have taken a beating over the past 6 months dropping 30% since October. Shares have fallen from $29 to the low $20’s. NRG closed the week at $20.25. I first noticed NRG when Warren Buffett started buying shares in 2008. Buffett currently owns 6,000,000 shares. NRG has been downgraded by […]

Picking The Right Credit Card For You

This is a good article from Farnoosh Torabi posted at CBS MoneyWatch on Picking The Perfect Credit Card For You. Credit cards offer an array of tempting rewards as their issuers try to get your business. But what types of cards are the best match for someone with your spending habits? And which cards lead the pack […]

The Most Expensive American Cities

Check out my Forbes article on The Most Expensive American Cities.

Is E*TRADE Worth The Gamble?

It’s been a busy week for E*TRADE (ETFC) Financial. E*TRADE’s shares rose 7% to $1.62 Tuesday on news of a debt upgrade by Standard & Poors. This is one day after shares were down big after the company introduced its new CEO and announced a 1 for 10 reverse stock split.  E*TRADE’s shares have been battered over […]

Great Wealth Building Articles

$1 Million Doesn’t Cut It for Retirement – Interesting article from on how $1 million dollars is not enough for retirement. The average family will need to save 2 or 3 times that amount. The Hidden Advantages of Dividend Investing – The Dividend Guy explains all of the benefits of dividend investing. While dividends may be falling out of favor, they should […]

Yahoo March Madness MVP’s Article

Check out my Investopedia article that was picked up by Yahoo. Yahoo Article March Madness MVP’s Slideshow March Madness MVP Slideshow

Dow Jones is Seeing Red

The Dow Jones is down 60 points today in morning trading. Palm (PALM) is the biggest loser of the day dropping over 18% to $4.62 per share. PALM reported a greater than expected loss of 61cents per share. Canaccord Adams issued a $0 price target on PALM declaring the cell phone maker’s shares worthless. Motorola […]

What are Blockbuster’s Options?

Shares of Blockbuster (BBI) dropped to 28 cents today after the stock lost 29.18% of its value. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy appears highly likely as the firm is saddled with debt. Blockbuster is dealing with declining earnings, profitability, and market share. I wrote a post last March about how Blockbuster’s business model is dead. You can read it here […]

4 Great Sites That Could Save You Money

Are you looking for new ways to save money?  If so, you’re not alone. During these turbulent economic times, every dollar counts.  I have recently come across a couple of “new” sites that can save you cash. Here are 4 sites that you may not know about that can help you save money. SmartyPig is an online piggybank that lets […]