How To Profit From Rising Commodity Prices

The summer driving season is almost upon us. Millions of Americans will take vacations and travel to their favorite summer destinations. As more Americans take to the road, gas prices are likely to increase. From Memorial Day to Labor Day is when oil prices normally see their biggest rise. So, how can you profit from the coming surge […]

My Book Is Now Available For Sale!

  My book is now available for sale. You can buy it directly through the Buylikebuffett website. Just click on the Buy My Book tab listed at the top of the page for more information. This is the cheapest way to buy the book. You can purchase my book for just $12.00 using your debit, credit or paypal […]

2 Great Companies With Significant Long Term Challenges

These 2 stocks are great investments for the short term but are facing significant challenges to remain competitive over a longer time period. Gamestop (GME) is slightly undervalued at $22 dollars a share. Shares trade at just 8 times this year’s earnings and earnings are expected to grow 10% over the next 5 years. Gamestop has a healthy balance […]

The Market is Presenting Growth & Income Opportunities

A Growth Play As I wrote about in a previous post, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) would be an attractive stock to buy in the mid 30’s. Buffalo Wild Wings is entering buy territory with shares of the chicken wing chain now selling at $35.87. Shares could potentially drop to the low 30’s because small caps get hit […]

Is It Time To Buy Wells Fargo?

While there has been much discussion about the trading practices at Goldman Sachs (GS), Morgan Stanley (MS), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), and Citigroup (C), one of the nation’s largest banks has managed to stay out of the line of fire. That bank is Wells Fargo (WFC). Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in the United States with over […]

This Yield Is Just Right!

While the recent market drop has not been good news for holders of equities, it has created some incredible dividend yields for investors seeking income. All of these stocks on this list are yielding returns greater than 6%. They are all stable companies that have historically supported their dividends. These 5 stocks are currently paying out better dividends than most bonds. […]

The Biggest Rental Rip-offs

The best way to get a positive return on your money is by getting rid of expenses that eat up your money. One of the biggest cash eating expenses can be found in the rent-to-own industry. Companies like Rent-A-Center, Rentway, and Aaron’s Rents advertise that you can buy just about anything you need for a […]

Deciphering CDO’s

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Eastern Company: A Benjamin Graham Play?

Today, I would like to take a look at a tiny industrial company known as The Eastern Company (EML). The Eastern Company is a Connecticut manufacturer of industrial hardware, security products, and metal products. This small manufacturer has been in business for over 150 years. Eastern Company is a microcap stock with a market share of just $80 […]

New Forbes Post

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