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I am now writing for Savings.com! Please read my posts starting next week.

CNBC Recommends Chicago Bridge & Iron

Today on CNBC’s Strategy Session, Patty Edwards recommended a longtime favorite stock of BuylikeBuffett. Chicago Bridge & Iron is an often overlooked stock in the construction and engineering space. I have been buying shares of Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI) over the last year. Chicago Bridge & Iron is a nice mid-cap play with a decent balance […]

The One Big Bank That You Never Hear About

While Bank of America (BAC), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), and Wells Fargo (WFC) dominate the headlines, there is one large bank that just slowly continues to grow away from the limelight. That bank is US Bancorp (USB). US Bank took TARP funds just like the other big banks but unlike the other big banks has been […]

The Importance Of Living Within Your Means

ESPN has a story on the bankruptcy of Mark Brunell. Brunell invested in businesses in which he did not have more than enough cash to cover the liabilities. Mark Brunell was one of the best QB’s in the NFL in the 90’s and I am certain that he is a good man. Brunell invested in a number […]

Blog Roundup

Here are 10 posts that I found fascinating reads. Enjoy! Len Penzo discusses the importance of Visualizing Your Financial Future. Financial Samurai has an interesting post on Overcoming The Wall. Moneymonk illustrates how Saving So You Can Enjoy Retirement Is BS. Free Money Finances details the 10 Worst Paying College Degrees. 20’s Money has a […]

Is Research In Motion A Value Stock or Value Trap?

It’s always important for value investors to be able to tell the difference between a value stock and a value trap. Value stocks are stocks that are trading below their true intrinsic value. These stocks are sometimes unfairly beaten down due to market events. Value traps are stocks that look like good investment opportunities and […]

US Steel (X) Is Getting Cheap

Keep an eye on shares of US Steel (X). The stock has dropped to $42 per share. I will be looking to start a position in US Steel in the 30’s. US Steel is currently trading at just 7 times next year’s earnings projections. Even if the company’s 2011 EPS is off by 25%, US […]

This Investment Has A Guaranteed 100% Return!

What one investment is guaranteed to give you a 100% return on your money? The answer is…..none! I wrote this post to illustrate how con artists and scammers use tricky verbiage like this to entice investors to turn over their hard earned dollars. Anyone who offers you a 25%, 50%, or 100% guaranteed return on […]

Your Financial Playbook is For Sale On Barnes & Noble and Amazon

Your Financial Playbook: A Guide To Navigating The World Of Personal Finance is now for sale on Barnes & Noble and Amazon!

No More Inline Ads

BuylikeBuffett no longer features inline ads. I decided to delete all of the inline ads. I never saw the inline ads before because I always log on from the same PC so they were not showing up. I logged into my site from a different PC and found it quite aggravating that whenever I rolled over a text an ad would […]