Press Release: Prime Rate Website Offers Wall Street Journal Subscription Discounts

You can get 80% off of a subscription to the Wall Street Journal right now. You can get the Wall Street Journal delivered to your home or office for under $2 a week. Plus you get two free weeks.  That’s a really good deal. Just click the discount subscription link for details.

The Future Of Banking

The banking industry is always in a state of transition. Banks are also coming out with new products to attract customers. Over the past 20 years, we have seen direct deposit, online banking, banking applications, and automated tellers. All of these products were designed to save money and make banking easier for customers. So, what […]

Financial Stock Purchase

I added more shares of Bank of America (BAC) today. I am encouraged to see that CEO Brian Moniyhan recently purchased 30,000 shares. On another note Citigroup (C) investors should be concerned that company insiders have been unloading shares.

Press Release: Fed Prime Rate Recommending Small Business Credit Cards

Are you currently in the market for a credit card for your small business? Are you having a difficult time getting access to credit? If so, then this article may be of interest to you. There are some pretty good cash back cards with a 0% introductory APR. So, take a look and see if […]

Buy Like Buffett Job Board

Job search by Simply Hired Post a Job! $30 for 30 days   Buy Like Buffett is now offering a Jobs Board. The jobs board will focus specifically on finance related jobs (Jobs in the investment industry, banking industry, accounting professionals, finance professionals, personal finance writers). A listing on our site is just $30 for […]

Why We Need Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac

Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) are two of the most hated agencies on Wall Street. These quasi government agencies are blamed for much of the problems related to the housing crisis. They are criticized for backing risky loans and encouraging an environment of risk taking by guaranteeing liar loans. Many politicians and citizens […]

Interesting Blog Posts From Around The Web

This week’s roundup is a list of the most interesting blog posts on personal finance and investing from around the web. We will start things off with a great post on small cap stocks. I have always been a fan of small and mid cap stocks. Small caps have the potential to achieve multibagger status.  They give investors the […]

3 Worst Jobs To Have Right Now

There are many magazines that do rankings of the worst jobs in America. These rankings are based on salary, employee happiness, hours worked, and growth prospects. Everyone knows that professions like being a lumberjack are difficult. Today, I wanted to put a different spin on the worst jobs in the United States and detail why […]

Today’s Buys

Today, I picked up shares of Bank of America (BAC) at $12.50 and added shares of Wells Fargo at $23.50. I am still a big believer in the long term viability of the financial sector.

3 Stocks That Have Been Cheap For A Decade

I have the learned the hard way that just because a stock is cheap does not mean it is a good investment. It can be tough sometimes to distinguish between a value play and a value trap. Value plays are stocks that are trading below their true value and will eventually reach this value. Value […]