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The Growing Income Gap Between The Rich And The Poor

The gap between the rich and the poor is steadily growing. Rich people are wealthier than ever and poorer people are broker than ever. There has been no growth in the wages of the middle class. Unless something is done, the middle class and those on the lower end of the economic scale will continue their downward spiral.

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How To Create A CD Ladder

A few weeks ago I took at look at ways to make money off of a dividend portfolio. Stocks are great for building up a dividend income stream. You can also build dividend income by investing in CD’s. CD’s pay much lower interest rates than bonds and many dividend paying stocks but the income is guaranteed.

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Save Money On Deals At SociallyIdeal

save money shoppingDaily deals are a hot topic today with so many people looking for different ways to save money. Sites like Groupon and Woot are pretty well-known by frugal shoppers. There is a new money saving site that is offering a ton of great daily deals known as Sociallyideal. The site is a place where people and ideas connect. The following is a sponsored post.

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It’s Time For Walmart To Pay A Higher Dividend

I have been saying for some time now that an investment in Walmart is dead money. Shares of Walmart are down nearly 4% today as the stock has dropped to $53 per share. The company released earnings today and the results were a mixed bag. The good news is that Walmart had total revenues of $5.02 billion. Earnings per share came in at $1.41 a share. Both numbers are an improvement over last year’s Q4 numbers.  Earnings rose 6.3 percent to $15.4 billion dollars. So, what’s the problem with Walmart?

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Wisconsin Protests: The SEIU vs. The Wisconsin Governor

I thought I would veer a little into economic news that is happening in the central region of the country today. There is a massive protest in the state of Wisconsin which features the union workers against the governor of Wisconsin. The state has a $3.6 billion dollar deficit and the state is trying to cover it by asking unions to contribute to their pensions and health care plans. The battle has intensified as both parties have dug in their heels.

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Buffett Receives Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Stock investing legend Warren Buffett received the Presidential Medal Of Freedom today. This is a more personal clip of Buffett as he recounts how blessed he has been in his life.

What Are Call Options?

what are call optionsI received an email the other day asking if I would cover options investing strategies so I figured that I would do that today. Options investing has increased in popularity over the past two decades and many investors are regular options investors. The most popular options investors are the Najarian brothers on CNBC’s Fast Money. They are helping to get regular investors involved in the options market.

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New Entrepreneurship Blog

get rich bill gatesI decided to start a blog to deal exclusively with entrepreneurship ideas. As many of you already know, I am an entrepreneur. I started an investment advisory business five years ago and am a big believer in entrepreneurship. It is a great way to grow your income and take control of your financial future.

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Borders Declares Bankruptcy

Borders Group (BGP) fought off filing for bankruptcy as long as possible but the bookstore chain couldn’t fight off the inevitable. Today, Borders filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

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Buy Like Buffett Newsletter

The newest edition of the Buy Like Buffett newsletter will be out this Friday. Every month members will receive my two latest stock recommendations. I will also highlight how past recommendations are performing.

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