Dividend Stocks Giving Bigger Increases

This past week a few companies announced that they would be boosting their dividend payouts. Two of these companies are in the oil sector where energy companies are once again raking in the cash. Oil over $100 a barrel means record profits once again. The third company giving a dividend increase is a blue chip […]

Has Warren Buffett’s Star Lost Its Luster?

Warren Buffett is not a happy man. His company, Berkshire Hathaway has been receiving a lot of press recently and for all of the wrong reasons. Buffett’s company has been in the news a lot recently as the company is being investigated because of its connection with a scandal.

Options Investing That Can Make You Some Cash

I think that long term investors are getting a chance to make money in a name brand retailer whose shares have crashed over the past few months. The stock has lost more than 50% of its value and has recently bounced off its 52 week low. This is an options play for long term investors […]

MicroMaximus Review

Free checking is going the way of the dinosaur today with most of the big banks getting rid of it. Banks are now charging monthly service and maintenance fee if your account drops below a certain balance. These new policy changes are making money for banks and taking away your precious dollars. In order to […]

Investing For Growth Vs. Investing For Safety

For many Americans, the last decade made a mess of their finances as your debt rose and your net worth fell. But regardless of your financial state — whether your finances have been wrecked by plummeting home prices or your income has remained stagnant — you can still develop strategies to actually create wealth.

Dividend Stocks Series: A Bank With A Nearly 4% Yield

As I stated in my last post about bank stocks, there are still a few banks that have high dividends and pretty good yields. Today’s dividend stock is a bank that is not often mentioned on financial television or in analyst reports. This bank is in a great tourist state and derives a significant amount […]

Scottrade Review

I have been getting a lot of emails recently asking my feeling about certain stock brokers. Lots of people have questions about which broker is the best one for their needs. In order to answer these questions I am going to do a series taking a look at the different stock brokers out there. You […]

Citigroup’s Dividend Reinstatement & Reverse Stock Split

Citigroup (C) will be splitting its stock soon. CEO Vikram Pandit is tired of seeing his company’s shares languish below the $5 level. Pandit has announced plans to authorize a reverse split of the company’s stock. Every 10 shares of Citigroup will be worth 1 share once the split is finalized. Based on this past […]

GE Increases Its Dividend

General Electric (GE) announced earnings this week and the company’s earnings show that GE is on the right track. Total revenue was up 6% as the company made over $38 billion dollars this past quarter. Earnings were up over 50% as the industrial giant crushed Wall Street estimates. Things were even positive at GE Capital […]

How To Get Out Of Debt Part II

Most people struggle with debt repayments in one form or another. Debt can come in the form of credit card bills, mortgage payments, student loans, and car loans. If you are really strapped for cash, it could even come in the form of payday loans. Debt woes affect different people in different ways. Some people […]