How To Protect Your Portfolio If The Economy Does Double Dip?

More people are growing concerned over the direction of the economy because the rate of growth has been slowing down. Corporate earnings are not what they once were and there is more tightening taking place in the economy. The negative news is causing the general public to start fearing that the market as a whole […]

Whatever Happened To Myspace?

Social media sites are rushing to have their IPO’s as they are trying to strike at a time when demand is high. Social media companies deserve credit for learning lessons from early social media sites that failed to strike while the iron was hot. No company reflected this aspect of bad timing more than MySpace. […]

How To Build Wealth And Eliminate Debts

Building real wealth is a fairly straightforward process.  A person simply needs to accumulate assets and shred liabilities.  This sounds simple, but in reality most people have a very difficult time keeping free from liabilities.  Our current American economy is built upon the concept that people will borrow and spend money on a consistent basis.  […]

The Bankruptcy Of The Los Angeles Dodgers

You might only think that regular people run into financial difficulties but the truth is that money problems can happen to anyone. There are more stories in the news about wealthy people going bankrupt. More and more athletes are having financial issues with several prominent athletes declaring bankruptcy recently. Now fiscally irresponsible businessmen are finding […]

Stocks To Buy, Sell Or Hold

I typically save my stock picks for my investment newsletter. Today, I thought that it would be interesting to take a look at a few stocks that I have been writing about recently. These three companies have been in the news lately and investors may be wondering what to do if they own shares. I […]

How To Build A Dividend Stock Portfolio

Dividend stocks are a great way for investors to generate income from their investment portfolios. I have written a number of posts on the importance of dividend investing and how it can work for you. You can use dividends to help your portfolio boost its investment returns. The following is a guest post by Mike […]

How Much Is A Lunch With You Worth?

Every year Warren Buffett auctions off a lunch meeting in which individuals bid for the opportunity to meet Warren Buffett. This year’s auction bought in a record haul as the winning bidder paid $2.6 million dollars for lunch with Buffett. The proceeds raised from the lunch are donated to a charitable organization that helps to […]

The Magic Of Compounding Via Dividend Investing

I am often able to add new shares of stock to my investment portfolio without placing one dime of my own money. I own a number of different stocks that pay me dividends. Instead of receiving a cash payout from all of these companies, I simply opt for dividend reinvestment which adds more shares to […]

Should the United States Postal Service Be Eliminated?

The United States Post Office is in financial trouble and has been on this path for quite some time. The United States Postal Service announced that it will not be making prepayments to its health care retirement fund for employees for the rest of the year. The USPS is facing serious financial problems that is […]

How To Find A Job In A Bad Economy

The current economy has made it incredibly difficult for people looking for work in many states to find employment. Long lines have become the norm as hundreds of applicants all apply for the same position. Many economists are worried that high unemployment may become the new normal for the United States economy. You can improve […]