BillMyParents Debit Card Review

There have been a lot of prepaid debit cards to hit the market today. Most of them are for people with bad credit that are unable to get access to banking services. I am typically not a fan of prepaid debit cards because so many of them carry high fees and charges. There are some […]

Can Apple Give The Federal Government A Bailout?

I was reading an interesting article on Yahoo today about How Apple Has More Cash Than The Federal Government. Apple (AAPL) apparently has $76.4 billion dollars in cash on hand while the government has only $73.7 billion dollars. The article is really brief so it does not go in depth on the things that Apple […]

How The Government Has Failed The Middle Class

As much talk as there has been over the past few weeks about extending the debt ceiling limit, I am sure that you are probably tired of hearing about. That is all the CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC have been able to talk about. For as important as raising the debt ceiling is Congress and […]

Semiconductor Penny Stocks

While large cap stocks like Apple and Microsoft dominate the daily headlines for the NASDAQ, there are other large companies in the index that have quality earnings as well. These companies are often overshadowed by the sheer size, earnings, and cash flows of the industry giants. One of the tech sector areas that was once […]

Netflix Stock Drops In After Hours Trading

I have been a bear on shares of Netflix (NFLX) for some time now as the stock has looked heavily overvalued to me. The stock was trading at more than 70 times earnings despite seeing growth rates declining. Netflix continued its upward ascent over the past few months as investors have poured money into the […]

When Not To Use a Credit Card

Credit cards are undoubtedly a marvelous invention and a godsend to the many millions of people that use them across the world every day. However, the frequency and accessibility of credit cards can hide the true nature of the beast, which left unchecked, can easily spiral out of control.

Dividend Increases For Dividend Investors

Rising dividend payouts in the stock market are always a good sign to investors. A number of companies announced strong earnings this past week and stated that they would be boosting their dividends. The increase in dividends will attract some income investors that view these dividend increases as a sign of company strength. Let’s take […]

Why Quarterly Earnings Are The Worst Thing To Ever Happened To Stocks

Every three months there is a lot of anticipation and excitement before a company releases its earnings. A good earnings report can send a company’s shares up a few points. A bad earnings report can send a company’s shares tumbling down. While quarterly earnings were designed to give investors an update on the performance of […]

What College Major Will Make You Rich?

The last few years have led to the worst job market that I have seen in my lifetime. Lots of students are graduating from college only to find that they are unable to find gainful employment. There are a hundred people or more applying for every single job opening. In order to give yourself the […]

Borders Goes Out Of Business

Borders has officially closed its doors. The company was hoping to undergo some sort of reorganization in bankruptcy but the bookstore chain failed to find any buyers. According to the Wall Street Journal, there were no groups interested in buying the failing bookstore chain. Borders will now seek judicial approval to start selling off its […]