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I Am Still Not Buying Netflix

Netflix (NFLX) continues to drop like a rock with shares plunging to $107 a share today. The stock has been punished by the Street over the past few months. Shares are not severely overvalued as they have been for years. This is causing some investors are dipping in and buying shares of the company. Could this be a big mistake? [Read more…]

Finding Cheap Stocks In The Steel Sector

I have been looking for value stocks to invest in since the market has been topsy turvy. There are several sectors that contain stocks with compelling valuations. One of the sectors that has been beaten down the most is the steel sector. There are a number of steel stocks that are trading at really low valuations because of the global economic slowdown. These steel stocks could yield big returns for years to come. [Read more…]

How Do You Feel About A Buffett Tax?

The President of the United States has recently proposed a new tax known as the Buffett tax. The tax idea was suggested by Warren Buffett as a way of helping the federal government generate additional revenue. Buffett has caught a lot of flak from a number of business publications like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Let’s take a look at the Buffett tax proposal and see if it will help. [Read more…]

Is The Next Netflix?

Netflix (NFLX) is the last high flying growth stock to come tumbling down. Netflix is now below $130 per share after being over $300 a share just two months ago. Now that Netflix has come tumbling down, I would like to take a look at another growth stock that is due for a drop. [Read more…]

ING Direct Review

ING Direct is one of the leading online banks in the country. The country‚Äôs name is known all around the United States because of its competitive interest rates and banking features. ING Direct has some of the best banking offers in the industry and has made my list of the best savings accounts you can have. I have been an ING direct customer since the 90’s because of the great array of banking products offered. [Read more…]

TradeMONSTER Review

Today, I would like to take a look at a newer broker in the marketplace that is making some noise because of its unique features and its famous owners. TradeMONSTER has only been on the scene for a few years but has already attracted a following of dedicated traders. The brokerage is part of the OptionsMonster family which has the corporate philosophy “Invest Like A Monster”. [Read more…]

Saving Your Money Vs Investing It

Making the decision to invest money vs. saving it is not always easy. Both methods are a part of a smart plan for crafting a strategy for how to get rich. You need to be find the right balance so you invest enough money so you can get build wealth and save enough money in a bank account so you can have ample emergency savings. [Read more…]

High Yielding Dividend Stocks

Investors that are in the market for some income should take a look at these dividend stocks. These companies have a history of increasing their dividend payouts and have yields that are making them look attractive to income investors. These stocks participate in a variety of industries and vary in size. The one common attribute is the fact that the dividends make the stocks worth investigating. [Read more…]

My Current Financial Problem: Too Much Extra Money

I was going through my income and expenses for the past month and noticed that recently I make way more money than my bills are adding up to. I noticed that since my car was paid off this past spring that my only regular monthly bill is my mortgage. I was fortunate because I bought my home before the bubble explosion and my principal and interest payment only costs me $900 a month. I never took all of the equity out of my home so I never got a higher payment. [Read more…]

Why An Economic Moat Matters

The trouble continues for a couple of technology companies that were beloved by the Street for the past decade. Research in Motion (RIMM) and Netflix (NFLX) have been high flying stocks that have made a ton of cash for early investors. If you got in early enough then your ownership stake may have made you rich. If you got in late then you have lost a ton of money from your investment. [Read more…]