Black Friday Deal From ING Direct

Black Friday is not just for shopping for clothes, electronics, and appliances. You can get some great deals on financial products like savings accounts this weekend. ING DIRECT is giving away free cash to customers that open a checking, savings, or money market account. Check out the great Black Friday Deals being offered from ING […]

Betterment Review

Betterment is the ¬†online broker that aims to make investing easier for those that may not know where to start. I only cam across recently and decided to write a review of the company’s services. The company is not a traditional broker in that it does not have all of the options of most […]

Do Not Buy Groupon

Last week, I wrote about a number of stocks that I felt were overvalued based on their share prices. I did not feel that the stocks mentioned were all bad companies but that the multiples were simply too high. Since that time one of the stocks (LinkedIn) has come tumbling down. LinkedIn has dropped from […]

BP Is Back As A Dividend Play

It wasn’t that long ago that BP PLC (BP) was one of the most hated companies in the world. The company had a big oil spill in the Gulf Coast region and suffered major hits to its profitability for a year. BP slashed its dividend and things looks bleak. I even considered selling some of […]

What Is A Flat Tax?

There is a lot of talk from Republican presidential candidates about replacing the current tax code with a flat tax. Herman Cain has a 999 plan that contains a 9% flat tax, 9% national sales tax, and 9% corporate tax rate. Rick Perry just came out with a 20-20 plan that has a 20% flat […]

Stocks I Would Sell

It is¬† just as important for investors to know when to exit as stock as it is for them to know when to enter. The previous month was good to a number of different stocks and has caused some of them to trade at premium valuations. You never want to be caught holding a stock […]

Bank of America Eliminates Its Five Dollar Debit Card Fee

It appears as if the voice of the customer has won out. Bank of America (BAC) has scrapped the plans to institute its $5 monthly fee on all debit card purchases. The banking giant caught a lot of flak over the past few weeks from customers, the media, and most online sites about the proposed […]