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Ally Bank Offers Check Scanning

Ally Bank is one of my favorite online banks. The bank offers a reasonable interest rate compared to traditional banks and has really good customer service.The bank offers some of my favorite savings and CD products. Ally Bank is always updating its features to stay competitive with brick and mortar banks. Today, I want to take a look at the newest feature. [Read more…]

Dow Rises Above 12000 Mark

The Dow Jones has been on a tear over the past few weeks as the market has taken a turn higher and advanced over 12,000. The market is on pace to finish out the year better than I predicted. I thought that the Dow Jones would close at 11,500 and it is currently above 12,200. The market has been pretty resilient this year surviving the economic news in Europe and fears of a double dip recession over the summer. So, can the market continue its upwards pattern in 2012? [Read more…]

Dealing WIth Rejected Car Insurance Claims

It is easy to find cheap insurance quotes online and to get car insurance coverage. However, knowing what to do if your car insurance claim is rejected can be maddening. Spending a little time and effort researching the cause, can possibly result in the decision being reversed. If you feel that your claim is valid and should be decided in your favor, then do not give up. [Read more…]

Avoiding Overspending

You arrive home, exhausted and drop armfuls of bags on the floor. You’re back from a trip to the shopping malls and only now are you starting to feel that flush of regret and embarrassment come over you. As you take out your shiny new purchases from their bright carrier bags, you might well be asking yourself ‘should I have bought that? Take heart, because you’re not alone. [Read more…]

Why You Should Not Invest Using Leverage

Debt is always a negative in any form that it comes in. That is because the principal and interest have to be repaid back to the lender. Credit cards and loans are the most common forms of debt. You may not have been aware but there are even investments that rely on debt to increase their returns. Any investment vehicle that uses debt to amplify returns should be avoided by traditional investments because they can increase the risk of loss. Let’s take a look at a few ways to invest that use leverage. [Read more…]

Questions To Ask The Benefits Department

I have always wondered why plan providers do not disclose what your are investing in exactly. Many company retirement plans have no idea what they own. Fund management companies should disclose the exact holdings of their funds to IRA and 401k investors. This will help company employees to know the exact funds that they are investing in. Unfortunately since many do not, employees are left holding portfolios that they are unsure about. [Read more…]