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Taking Out Life Insurance

As an American abroad it can be difficult to come to terms with both a new way of life and a totally foreign financial sector. The American and British systems although they share many comparative terms and policies are executed in different ways and have to comply with government legislation and tax laws. Inheritance tax and capital gains tax both potentially affecting the amount of money either you or your family will receive when you cash in your policy or when your estate is being calculated. [Read more…]

Researching A Potential Employer

The unemployment rate has recently dropped to a low of 8.5%. That is the lowest rate that it has fallen to in quite some time. Job seekers are being presented with a few more options from potential employers. It is important for job seekers to do their due diligence before accepting any offers. You do not want to accept a job offer just to find yourself quitting the same job a few months later. That is why you need to do your homework first. Here are a few things that you need to look at before deciding on a job offer. [Read more…]

Is It Finally Time For Yahoo?

This may sound like a broken record but Yahoo is undergoing a major overhaul once again. The company’s cofounder Jerry Yang resigned from the Board of Directors this week stepping down from a post that he has held for years. Yang’s departure has caused a temporary bump in the stock price as investors seem to be in favor of the move. So, is Yahoo finally ready to get things right? [Read more…]

Good News For Bank Of America

One of the biggest dogs of the Dow in 2011 was Bank of America (BAC). The nation’s biggest bank had a hard time in a market full of rising stocks. Shares of Bank of America were down 60% for the year as the stock fell to $5 a share. The bank has been under pressure as it is one of the stocks that has been most affected by the economic downturn and litigation. There war even rumors that the bank would be headed to the market for a capital raise. The bank did however receive some good news in improving economic conditions. [Read more…]