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The Rise In Gold Prices Continues

Gold has been on a bullish run as investors have made the precious metal a mainstay in investment portfolios. It has historically bee a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty. Investors in the United States have historically held the largest amounts of gold but the demand for gold has not only been spurred by domestic demand but from international countries. As the infographic below illustrates India and China have been buying far more gold than the United States recently. [Read more…]

Seven Deadly Sins of First-Time Home Buying: What Not to Do

Most first-time home buyers have an extensive to-do list that covers all the important steps in the process. Equally important, however, is a list of what not to do when buying a home. Missteps before and during the mortgage application process can end up costing thousands of dollars in added interest costs and in extreme cases can even prevent prospective homeowners from obtaining financing for their dream home. Here are seven things to avoid when planning the purchase of a new home. [Read more…]

Is It Time To Sell Stocks?

The stock market has been on a roll for quite some time now. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is approaching 13,000 and the economic outlook is looking better. The United States economy has added more than 200,000 jobs and the unemployment rate is down to 8.3%. There is more good news today about how the number of available jobs is at a three year high.Money is pouring into the market as investors are falling in love with stocks again. So, should you start piling fresh cash in the market? [Read more…]

Securing Your Family Home

Buying a home for your family is probably one of the biggest financial responsibilities that you will ever take on. While it is a big financial step, it is not one that should be overwhelming for the average person. It does involve several steps, but with a basic overview of the process, you should be able to complete it without any issues. [Read more…]