Ally Bank Offers Check Scanning

Ally Bank is one of my favorite online banks. The bank offers a reasonable interest rate compared to traditional banks and has really good customer service.The bank offers some of my favorite savings and CD products. Ally Bank is always updating its features to stay competitive with brick and mortar banks. Today, I want to take a look at the newest feature.

The bank has recently unveiled a free check scanning service. The service is called eCheck deposit. The bank rolled this service out in the spring and has been working out all of the kinks. The eCheck deposit service is finally at a level where I feel it could benefit banking customers.

Ally Bank eCheck Deposit Process

Ally Bank lets you deposit checks into your Ally Bank account anywhere you have access to a scanner. All you need to use the service is an endorsed check, personal computer and a scanner.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You will use the automated scanning wizard or upload the front and back of your check manually using your own scanner’s software.
  2. You will receive an email within one business day confirming the amount of your deposit.
  3. You will start earning interest on your funds faster.

This is a really convenient feature and it should help the bank attract new customers. Digital check scanning will likely be the norm at most financial institutions in the future. The eCheck deposit service is new and will take getting used to. I do like the fact that the check scanning feature works for Mac users like me. The monthly limit for deposits using eCheck deposit is $10,000. So, those of you with larger checks will need to schedule online transfers. Also, be sure to hold onto your check for at least 60 days before destroying it.

You can deposit money into any financial product at Ally Bank including savings accounts, money markets, and certificates of deposit.

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  1. the FREE ally echeck scan looks good -but if you are using it for a business the 10k in deposits a month will likely be a problem

  2. This is awesome! The check deposit issue has been one of the last remaining things that has prevented me from getting rid of my Bank of America banks and switching to an online one.

    The only other outstanding problem I have is getting certified checks if needed. Do you know if Ally is planning to start doing that as well?

  3. I’ve been a customer well before they were even Ally (GMAC.) I really like their checking, but I really hope that one day they can add an iPhone app so that I can scan my checks instead. Would anyone know a great alternative that allows me to use my phone? I’m looking for something with a great interest rate.

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