ETrade Review

Today, I would like to take a look at one of my favorite long term online brokers. The broker regularly makes the list of best brokers. ETrade is the broker with the talking baby commercials that are always shown during halftimes of Super Bowls. ETrade’s commercials have been growing in popularity over the years as people love to see what new commercials the company is offering. [Read more…]

OptionsHouse Review

I have recently started taking a look at the options market on Buy Like Buffett. Options investing is a great way to control a position in a stock without having to invest all of the dollars that a common stock may cost. It is also useful for helping to protect yourself from downward movement in the market.

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TradeKing Review

TradeKing is an online broker that specializes in both stocks and options trading. The company is one of the newer brokers that I have come across. The company is a Florida based broker and has been in existence since 2005. TradeKing is a discount broker along the lines of Scottrade, E*Trade, and other discount brokers.

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Scottrade Review

I have been getting a lot of emails recently asking my feeling about certain stock brokers. Lots of people have questions about which broker is the best one for their needs. In order to answer these questions I am going to do a series taking a look at the different stock brokers out there. You can make the decision and decide if a particular broker meets your needs. Let’s start with Scottrade.

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