Best Credit Cards For Balance Transfers

Any regular reader of this blog knows that I am not a big credit card guy. I do have a credit card but I only use it on select occasions. I have avoiding delving too much into the credit card topic because I do not want to encourage indebtedness. I do however realize that a credit card might be needed in the event of an emergency situation. A credit card can be a useful tool if you do not run your balances up and pay off your bills on a monthly basis. For those in the market for a credit card, here are my favorites. [Read more…]

Start Building Your Credit Score with a Credit Card

Starting off your adult life with a strong credit score can make a huge difference to how financially independent you are able to be from your parents, but the road to building that score can sometimes seem impossible. How can you build a credit score if you’re too young, or ineligible, for home loans, auto insurance or personal loans? Credit cards can be a great solution to this and can also open up access to upgrades to platinum cards earlier on than if you waited to build your credit score. [Read more…]

When Not To Use a Credit Card

Credit cards are undoubtedly a marvelous invention and a godsend to the many millions of people that use them across the world every day. However, the frequency and accessibility of credit cards can hide the true nature of the beast, which left unchecked, can easily spiral out of control.

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Zero Percent Balance Transfer Cards

Debt is the four letter word that plagues the lives of most people. From credit card bills to student loans, the bulk of monthly income earned by most people is used to pay the minimum amount due on their monthly obligations. The new American reality is a life filled with debt from the age of 18 until death. Life should not be lived this way and doesn’t have to be. Today, I am going to take a look at a few methods that you can use to eliminate debt from your life. This is the third part in the series on How To Get Out Of Debt.

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First Premier Bank Credit Card 59.9% Interest

I know that I always typically talk about stock investing at Buy Like Buffett. It’s Friday, so I figured that I would take a break and talk about another financial product that most people have, credit cards. I am not a fan of debt but credit cards in and of themselves are not bad if managed properly. Pay off the balance in full each month and stay away from high interest rates at all costs. Well, there is one credit card that is making this virtually impossible.

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Credit Repair Pro Guide Is My Newest Blog

I have added another blog to my blog network.My new blog is Credit Repair Pro Guide.  On Credit Repair pro Guide, you can find credit repair information, software, and other useful tools that will help you repair your credit. The site is operational as of today.

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The Weird Thing About Credit

I opened up my credit card statement and was shocked by what I saw. My credit card company just increased my credit limit a few thousand dollars. This was surprising because I almost never and I mean never use my credit card. I don’t even carry it with me the majority of the time. This offer did get me thinking as to how credit works in America.

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I Got A Black Card Offer!

I was checking the mail the other day and noticed an application for a Black Card. The American Express Black Card is the most exclusive and prestigious credit card that anyone can own. The card has no credit limit and is used by many high rollers around the world. I am not a credit card guy but I have to admit that I found the possibility of getting an American Express Black Card exciting. So, I opened the application and what did I see?

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The Only Kind Of Credit Card Debt That You Should Ever Have


I know that we all are all taught that credit card debt is a bad thing. I typically agree with this as all debt is bad debt. There is however a certain form of credit card debt that is essential for certain individuals to have. This debt is vital to the success of their future financial buying power. What is this form of debt?

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The Kardashians Get A Konscience

Well that was quick! The Kardashians have pulled the plug on their new prepaid debit card aptly named The Kardashian Kard. The Kardashian  Kard website is no longer functional. The page is now parked and the only thing that appears on the website are standard Godaddy images.

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