It’s Time To Take Some Profits

The title of this post may be a bit misleading. I am not predicting a major decline in the stock market as a whole nor do I think that all equities are overpriced. I believe that the outcome of the presidential election will have little bearing on the price of equities as well. The primary […]

Best Bank Dividend Yields

The big national banks garner all of the headlines from the news organizations because of their risky loan portfolios and pending lawsuits. Many of the regional banks go unnoticed despite having avoided much of the fallout from the financial crisis. Many of the regional banks are still paying out great dividends each quarter and have […]

High Yielding Dividend Stocks

Investors that are in the market for some income should take a look at these dividend stocks. These companies have a history of increasing their dividend payouts and have yields that are making them look attractive to income investors. These stocks participate in a variety of industries and vary in size. The one common attribute […]

Stocks With Great Dividend Yields

Growth stocks get beat up the most during market downturns like the one that has taken place in recent month. High flyers with absurd valuations come tumbling down when investors head for the exits. In a bearish looking market, investors should turn to the safety of dividends for solace. Dividends from companies with solid balance […]

Good Dividend Stocks With Great Yields

When the market starts turning ugly and investors become averse to risk that is the time to start picking up some quality income from dividend paying stocks. The 600 point decline that took place on yesterday has unearthed a bunch of great values for investors looking for some solid dividend stocks. Let’s take a look […]

Dividend Increases For Dividend Investors

Rising dividend payouts in the stock market are always a good sign to investors. A number of companies announced strong earnings this past week and stated that they would be boosting their dividends. The increase in dividends will attract some income investors that view these dividend increases as a sign of company strength. Let’s take […]

A Dividend Stock With A Yield Over 6%

Many investors in the stock market are always in search of solid dividend income. Sometimes the stocks that have the highest yields operate in the most boring industries. Today’s stock selection is no exception. This company will not make the headlines on CNBC or Bloomberg anytime soon. The company does however have a great yield […]

How To Build A Dividend Stock Portfolio

Dividend stocks are a great way for investors to generate income from their investment portfolios. I have written a number of posts on the importance of dividend investing and how it can work for you. You can use dividends to help your portfolio boost its investment returns. The following is a guest post by Mike […]

The Magic Of Compounding Via Dividend Investing

I am often able to add new shares of stock to my investment portfolio without placing one dime of my own money. I own a number of different stocks that pay me dividends. Instead of receiving a cash payout from all of these companies, I simply opt for dividend reinvestment which adds more shares to […]

Dividend Stock increases

This past week was good for investors as the Dow snapped its multiday losing streak and a few companies decided to boost the dividend payout that investors are currently getting. Dividends are always a welcome site as they are the only real return that investors receive before they sell their shares. A dividend increase means […]