Warren Buffett’s Portfolio

A look into the current investment portfolio of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. These are the stocks that America’s best value investor is currently holding as of his last SEC filing statement.

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A 97 Month Car Loan Is Ridiculous

Buying a car has always been an expensive proposition. Auto loans are often the second biggest expense that an individual has after buying a home. Despite an economy that has seen housing prices decline and wages stagnate, automobile prices have continued to rise. In order to deal with the rising prices of automobiles, lending institutions have been extended loan terms longer and longer. According to the Wall Street Journal, loan terms have hit a new record. [Read more…]

Buy Like Buffett In Black Enterprise

Pick up a copy of September 2012’s Black Enterprise Magazine. I am in this month’s edition making a few predictions about the overall direction of the stock market and giving my thoughts on three stocks that can benefit investors. I have selected one growth stock, one value stock, and one income stock that can make money for investors portfolios.

High Yielders For Dividend Investors

Investors that are in search of a good dividend in the current marketplace can still find good yields from companies generating high dividend yields. There are a number of companies paying out solid yields in all sorts of industries. The companies vary from small players to Fortune 500 companies. Here are a few good dividend plays. [Read more…]

An Insight Into What Forex Trading Used To Be Like Before The Internet

There is no getting away from it, the internet has defined the way that we work, rest and indeed play and nothing has changed more dramatically than the world of Forex trading. Before the internet revolution, trading was specific to sharply dressed city types who worked for large financial institutions and lived on a diet of caffeine and cigarettes. Obviously nowadays this has all changed and the arrival of the internet and of course online FX trading platforms means that Joe Blogs from down the road could be trading from the comfort of their own home. [Read more…]

Why Document Management is Crucial for Credit Unions

Credit unions are well-known for putting a personal touch on loan processing and getting people with bad credit the loans they need. While personalized service is a great asset for any business, convenience is absolutely crucial in today’s mobile, online market. In this respect, credit unions still lag behind conventional banks. People enjoy the convenience of online banking from a variety of institutions, but credit unions are still experimenting with online banking and document management. [Read more…]

Everyone Needs To Learn Financial Management

The economic outlook for the United States has been looking up in recent years. Corporations are reporting outstanding earnings as companies like Apple have surged to all time highs. Even the banking giant Bank of America (one of my core long term holdings) has seen its share price approach double digits. Corporate executives are back to making huge bonuses again at many of the firms troubled during the economic downturn. Even the stock market has almost doubled with the Dow Jones Industrial Average going over 13,000. There is however one group that has not made much progress over the past few years.

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Seven Deadly Sins of First-Time Home Buying: What Not to Do

Most first-time home buyers have an extensive to-do list that covers all the important steps in the process. Equally important, however, is a list of what not to do when buying a home. Missteps before and during the mortgage application process can end up costing thousands of dollars in added interest costs and in extreme cases can even prevent prospective homeowners from obtaining financing for their dream home. Here are seven things to avoid when planning the purchase of a new home. [Read more…]

Securing Your Family Home

Buying a home for your family is probably one of the biggest financial responsibilities that you will ever take on. While it is a big financial step, it is not one that should be overwhelming for the average person. It does involve several steps, but with a basic overview of the process, you should be able to complete it without any issues. [Read more…]

Taking Out Life Insurance

As an American abroad it can be difficult to come to terms with both a new way of life and a totally foreign financial sector. The American and British systems although they share many comparative terms and policies are executed in different ways and have to comply with government legislation and tax laws. Inheritance tax and capital gains tax both potentially affecting the amount of money either you or your family will receive when you cash in your policy or when your estate is being calculated. [Read more…]