Why I Am A Value Investor

If you have seen what has happened to Netflix (NFLX) and Amazon (AMZN) today then you have a good idea why I am not a growth investor. Both of these high flying growth stocks have come crashing back to earth. A drop in stock price is normal for just about any company but these companies […]

MCW Energy Stock Analysis

Let’s take a look at a company in the energy space that may represent a solid investment opportunity. MCW Energy Group (Frankfurt: MW4) is an established energy company whose shares are now trading on the Frankfurt Exchange. The company participates in the highly lucrative energy sector and is positioning itself for long term growth. This […]

There Is No Other Nike

I wrote about the importance of economic moats in my 10 things to look for in a stock ebook. There are very few companies that have a greater economic moat than Nike (NKE). I have searched far and wide for a company that could pose a serious threat to Nike over the next few years. […]

Top Sectors To Invest In For 2011

I am a little late on this one but I figured that I would post it anyway. I figure better late than never. I wanted to give my opinion on the sectors that I think will do the best for the rest of 2011. These are my picks for the 3 best sectors to invest […]

My Favorite Stock Investing Links From Around The Web & A Few Of Mine

I am pleased to present this week’s roundup. These are my favorite investing posts from around the web.  This week’s roundup has a heavy focus on dividends which are great for building wealth. At the end I list a few of my articles from around the web. One of which was a Savings.com post that […]

Coinstar: Value Stock Or Value Trap?

Shares of Coinstar (CSTR) have taken a nosedive over the past two months. The stock has been in a free fall after releasing some disappointing earnings news a few weeks ago. Investors abandoned ship and sold the stock for a variety of reasons. Today, I would like to take a look at shares of Coinstar […]

Warren Buffett Explains Long Term Stock Investing

Why You Should Join An Investment Club

A few months ago, I wrote a post about How To Start An Investment Club. I listed 10 steps that you can follow to start your own investment club. I am a big fan of investment clubs and am a member of a couple myself. Here are a few of the advantages that investment clubs […]

Beazer Homes’ Disappointing Quarter

We saw another bad earnings report in the housing sector. Last week we had a rough earnings report from Pulte Homes, this week it’s Beazer Homes (BZH).

A Stock That Mimics Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway

This week I am going to take a look at a few stocks that aim to mimic Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. These companies do not invest in the exact same assets as Buffett but have formed holding companies that invest in a bunch of different assets. The first company that seeks to imitate Warren Buffett is […]