Press Release: Fed Prime Rate Recommending Small Business Credit Cards

Are you currently in the market for a credit card for your small business? Are you having a difficult time getting access to credit? If so, then this article may be of interest to you. There are some pretty good cash back cards with a 0% introductory APR. So, take a look and see if […]

Is It Morally Right For New Employers To Check Your Credit?

At a time when unemployment is near 10%, employers are becoming even more selective about hiring new employees. Employers are subjecting new employees to credit checks before hiring them. They are using these credit checks as a way of determining an employee’s dependability and reliability. Credit scores are being used as a test of trustworthiness […]

Is It Time For A Credit Checkup?

Buy Like Buffett is pleased to announce that is a new advertising partner. is an affordable website where you can view your credit report. Why should you check your credit score?  A low credit score can hurt your chances of obtaining a home loan, auto loan, and even hurt your job prospects. Prospective employers are […]

The Biggest Rental Rip-offs

The best way to get a positive return on your money is by getting rid of expenses that eat up your money. One of the biggest cash eating expenses can be found in the rent-to-own industry. Companies like Rent-A-Center, Rentway, and Aaron’s Rents advertise that you can buy just about anything you need for a […]

Picking The Right Credit Card For You

This is a good article from Farnoosh Torabi posted at CBS MoneyWatch on Picking The Perfect Credit Card For You. Credit cards offer an array of tempting rewards as their issuers try to get your business. But what types of cards are the best match for someone with your spending habits? And which cards lead the pack […]

Credit Card Companies Are Up To Their Old Tricks

I decided to google credit cards today and see what kinds of offers came up for individuals with poor credit scores. I was shocked by some of the offers that I saw. These cards won’t help individuals with bad credit improve their credit; these cards will only help their credit to get worse. These are […]

Debt Solutions For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to discuss an issue that plagues just about each and every person, debt. During the Christmas season we use credit cards to charge electronics, toys, games, clothing and various presents. Many people buy items that they cannot afford or may not even need due to the allure of […]

Financial Crisis Affects Borrowers Worldwide

The current economic recession has taken its toll on homeowners in the United States. Property values for the 1st quarter of 2009 in the US were down an average of 14% over the previous year. This is after a decline of almost 10% last year in median home prices. States such as California, Florida and Nevada have been hit even harder […]

Credit card companies are putting the squeeze on loyal customers

At a time when banks are losing money due to toxic assets, they are dropping the hammer on the already pressured consumer. The credit card divisions of the major banks in the US are trying to make up for loan losses by increasing credit card interest rates. Banks are raising rates on customers regardless of payment history. Customers […]

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

I have read numerous books and articles that detail the difference between good debt and bad debt. Television financial experts tell us that debt is not a bad thing. That its all about how you manage debt. We have been taught that good debt is borrowing money to purchase something with the expectation that the price will rise. Home mortgage loans, student loans […]