Warren Buffett Named The Most Generous Billionaire

One of the reasons that I started this website is because I so admired the investing style of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. I have marveled at the investment strategy of Warren Buffett since my college days and have long since considered him one of the greatest minds in value investing. There is another reason however that I follow Buffett’s financial wisdom. Buffett has been a generous investor and his philanthropic endeavors continued in 2012. [Read more…]

Netflix Changes Its Business Strategy Yet Again

Today was a good day for the majority of the stocks in the market as the Dow advanced 330 points. I do not normally pay attention to the day to day movements of the market as a whole except when searching for potential stocks that are trading at discounted prices. While most of the stocks were advancing, there was one major company that saw its shares get pummeled again. [Read more…]

Steve Jobs Has Died

I was sad to just learn that the founder and chairman of Apple, Steve Jobs had died. Steve Jobs was the legendary entrepreneur who created Apple computer and took a startup company and made it the largest company in the United States at one point. Jobs was able to completely revolutionize the technology industry. [Read more…]

Vote For Me In The Plutus Awards

I have some good news to announce. This site Buy Like Buffett has been nominated for a Plutus Award for the best investing blog on the Internet. The Plutus Awards recognize the best financial websites in the blogosphere. There are a lot of good blogs out there so it was a privilege to be nominated. Since I am nominated I would love to win this award. I would appreciate it if you took the time to vote for my site in the Best Investing Blog Category. [Read more…]

Why Google Should Buy AOL

Weakness in the stock market always brings about declining equity trading prices. Lower stock prices lead to lower market caps and lower valuations. With over $1 trillion dollars on balance sheets, cash rich companies like to go M&A shopping. The tech sector and pharmaceutical sectors have been hotbeds for M&A activity in recent years. Let’s take a look at a technology stock that is ripe for acquisition. [Read more…]

Get A Free Slurpee Today

7-11 is handing out free Slurpees today to all store visitors. You do not have to buy anything to qualify for the free Slurpee. The store is giving away a free 7.11 ounce Slurpee to all store visitors for the company’s anniversary. This is a great promotion for 7-11 because a small Slurpee drink will entice many people to buy a much larger Slurpee while they are in the store. Customers may even choose to buy other products in the store. if you are a Slurpee fan, be sure to take advantage of this offer.

The Bankruptcy Of The Los Angeles Dodgers

You might only think that regular people run into financial difficulties but the truth is that money problems can happen to anyone. There are more stories in the news about wealthy people going bankrupt. More and more athletes are having financial issues with several prominent athletes declaring bankruptcy recently. Now fiscally irresponsible businessmen are finding themselves unable to pay their bills. Tom Hicks drove the Texas Rangers into bankruptcy and now Frank McCourt has done the same thing to the Los Angeles Dodgers [Read more…]

Why The Government Should Stop The AT&T T-Mobile Deal

Let me start off by separating my thoughts about AT&T (T) the company with my thoughts about the merger deal. AT&T is one of the best dividend stocks in the market and has an absolutely fantastic yield. AT&T currently has a 6.1% yield and has done a great job of growing its mobile subscriber base over the past 5 year because of its exclusivity deal with Apple for the iPhone. Now that the iPhone is available on Verizon’s network, AT&T is looking to increase its subscriber base to become the largest carrier in the nation. This would be a fantastic deal for AT&T but a terrible deal for consumers.

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What Is Warren Buffett Up To Right Now?

The Oracle of Omaha has been on the news quite a bit recently. He has made some pretty bold calls on the stock and bond markets. As always Warren Buffett has been putting his money where his mouth is. Let’s take a look at what Buffett has been doing.

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Buy Like Buffett Newsletter

The newest edition of the Buy Like Buffett newsletter will be out this Friday. Every month members will receive my two latest stock recommendations. I will also highlight how past recommendations are performing.

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