A Snapshot Of Me

I never really post a whole lot about myself personally on here so I decided to take a little time today and do it. This post will be the first one ever solely about me. I will include some pics too since I only show one on my whole site. After reading this post, hopefully you will have a better understanding of me.

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Launch Of Investors Forum

I will be launching the Investors Forum in the coming week. This is a private investors forum where I will be discussing stock picks, mutual fund reviews, and the best bond opportunities . The Investors Forum is available to newsletter subscribers only.

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New Year New Money Making Link RoundUp

Here at Buy Like Buffett, the goal is to help you build wealth and make money investing the Warren Buffett Way. It’s a New Year which means it time for a new link roundup. These are the best articles online that will help show you different ways to make money.

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Like My Facebook Page

I have started a new Facebook page. Click here to Like My Page. I will be shutting down the old Facebook  group page this week. Thanks!

My Blog Posts From Around The World Wide Web

Every now and again I do an update of my posts from around the world wide web. Here are a few of the posts that I have had published over the past week.

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Launch Of Mark Riddix.com

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas. You may notice that things look a little different here today. I did a complete site redesign this weekend. The format and theme are totally different so that you will have a better reading experience.

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Merry Christmas!!

I hope that you all have a very happy and blessed Christmas day!


Help Buy Like Buffett Improve Its Alexa Ranking

Buy Like Buffett is currently ranked in the top 80,000 of websites according to Alexa! That’s good but we want to do even better. You can help Buy Like Buffett continue to improve its Alexa ranking. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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Launch Of Buy Like Buffett Newsletter

Today is the launch of the Buy Like Buffett Newsletter!  Buy Like Buffett is pleased to announce that we are now offering a monthly newsletter. Newsletter subscribers will receive the following information by the 15th of  each month.

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Adding Sites To My BlogRoll

I have received quite a few emails in recent weeks about adding sites to my blogroll. Some of them are from sites that are simply looking to increase their rankings and some are from legitimate sites. I can always tell the ones that are just looking for backlinks because the emails are so generic that they can apply to anyone. Well, this got me to thinking. Would you like to added to the BuyLikeBuffett Blogroll?

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