What Are Penny Stocks?

Lots of people are confused when it comes to answering the question, what are penny stocks? Since there is no uniform definition for a penny stocks, it can be hard to figure out exactly what a penny stock is. Some people consider a penny stock any stock that trades at a valuation below $1.00. Another definition for penny stocks is any stock that trades at a price of $10 or below. One thing that can be agreed upon is that a penny stock is a company with a low share price. [Read more…]

Semiconductor Penny Stocks

While large cap stocks like Apple and Microsoft dominate the daily headlines for the NASDAQ, there are other large companies in the index that have quality earnings as well. These companies are often overshadowed by the sheer size, earnings, and cash flows of the industry giants. One of the tech sector areas that was once a hotbed for investors was the semiconductor makers. Semiconductor makers now have fallen to second tier status as investors are more focused on the hardware and smartphone makers. This may be a mistake as a few semiconductor stocks are looking cheap. Let’s take a look at one semiconductor company whose shares may be a value. [Read more…]