How To Save $100,000 In Cash

One hundred thousand dollars is not a lot of money when you think about it. It seems like a big number to some people but it is really small when you break it down on a daily basis. While a million dollar net worth is the goal for most people, one hundred thousand dollars is an easier goal that every person can attain. Besides you have to go through the $100,000 barrier before ever making it to millionaire status. So, today I want to take a look at a few ways to grow your finances up to the $100,000 level. [Read more…]

Best Savings Accounts For Your Money

High yield savings accounts just aren’t what they used to be. A few years ago you could have gotten 3 to 4% on your savings dollars at online banks. Interest rates today are really low and they are at a joke at commercial banks. That is because commercial banks take your business for granted. You might not be able to get 3% at a commercial bank anymore but you can still get a much higher rate than anything that a big bank can offer. Let’s take a look at the best interest rates for your money from high yield savings accounts. [Read more…]

Save Money On Deals At SociallyIdeal

save money shoppingDaily deals are a hot topic today with so many people looking for different ways to save money. Sites like Groupon and Woot are pretty well-known by frugal shoppers. There is a new money saving site that is offering a ton of great daily deals known as Sociallyideal. The site is a place where people and ideas connect. The following is a sponsored post.

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Post Thanksgiving Roundup

I hope that you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Today, I would like to present the Buy Like Buffett post Thanksgiving roundup. This week I figured that I would feature a bunch of new blogs that I have never included in the roundup. I also mixed in a few smaller blogs with the larger blogs as well because I know what it’s like being a small blog and trying to get included on a bigger blog’s site.

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What is Hypermiling?

Everyone is always looking for a way to eliminate expenses from their monthly budget. One of the ways that you can reduce your expenses is by properly managing your driving habits. Your driving habits have a direct result on your fuel economy. You can put more money in your own pocket by cutting down on your fuel consumption costs. Here are a few ways to reduce your fuel costs. The following is a guest post from Money Supermarket.

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10 Great Websites For Saving Money

We may talk a lot about investing money at Buy Like Buffett but we love to save money too. Everybody likes to save money and Buy Like Buffett is no exception. Getting a discount on a purchase allows you to put some extra cash in your savings account or add to your investment portfolio. Whatever your reason for saving money, these sites will help you get the best deal.  Here are 10 great sites for saving some cash.

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Tip#5:Lower your utility bill

Following a few simple energy conservation tips can save you money on your home heating and cooling bills. Unplug electrical items (computers, cell phone chargers, and DVD players) when not in use. These items drain electricity and increase energy costs. Remember to turn off your air conditioner whenever you leave the house. There is no reason for the air conditioner to be blasting cold air when no one is there to enjoy it. During the winter turn the thermostat down. A 5 degree drop in temperature represents a 15% savings. Make the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs are better for the environment and cut down on energy costs. You could also qualify for energy tax credits by becoming more energy efficient.

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Increase your insurance deductible

Insurance is one of those items that everyone needs. Insurance provides  protection against a loss, accident, or theft. Failing to have an insurance can wipe out all of the assets that you have worked so hard to save. That is why it is so important for everyone to have the right insurance an coverage amounts. You want to make sure that you, your family, and your assets are protected in the event of catastrophe. It is a whole lot easier to sleep at night when you know that all of your possessions are protected. [Read more…]

Tip#3: Get Rid Of Your Home Telephone Service

Now that you have a cell phone with unlimited services, you can get rid of your old landline service. It is possible today to survive without home telephone service. Landlines used to be necessary for alarm services. Not anymore. Most modern alarm systems offer wireless monitoring making a landline unnecessary. What if your cell phone service at home is spotty? If you get poor reception at home, consider a dual mode Wi-Fi cellular phone. Dual phones have the ability to make calls over both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. This should give you strong signal use from home. If getting rid of your landline service is not an option, than you can scale your service back. You can get a basic plan for $19.99 a month.


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Highest Rates on A Savings Account

Here is a list of the highest interest rates on a savings account for the month of March.

1.  SmartyPig                              2.01%

2.  Bank of Internet                    1.50%

3.  Capital One                           1.45%

4.  Discover Bank                       1.35%

5.  Colorado F.S.B.                    1.35%

6.  Ally Bank                              1.30%

7.  American Express Bank      1.30%

8.  Dollar Savings Direct          1.30%

9.  WTDirect                             1.26%

10.  Everbank                            1.26%