Are Sports Teams Owners Anti Capitalism

I was thinking about all of the lockouts taking place in sports recently and how it always comes down to simple economics. Major League Baseball had a long lockout that cancelled the World Series. The National Football League just had a lockout this current year that threatened many of the preseason games. Now the NBA has gone through a lockout in which regular season games have already been cancelled and the season may be missed. [Read more…]

Five Quarterbacks That Will Take A Huge Paycut Next Year

Lots of people think that professional athletes are overpaid. Their salaries may be higher than yours and mine but many of them are worth their salaries due to their stellar play. While quarterbacks like Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, and Michael Vick have lit up NFL scoreboards, there are other quarterbacks whose performance has been well below par. Let’s take a look at 5 NFL quarterbacks whose teams would not be out of line to ask for a refund based on their quarterback’s crummy play.

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