Warren Buffett Buys Bank Of America

The big winner on a down day for the stock market is Warren Buffett and Bank of America (BAC). Bank of America is up 9% on a day when the market is down 200 points. In a surprising move, Buffett made a $5 billion dollar investment in the banking giant that helped to stop its shares from sliding. Buffett has once again stepped up to rescue one of America’s struggling blue chip companies. [Read more…]

Warren Buffett Says Debt Downgrade Was The Wrong Decision

Warren Buffett spoke yesterday about the recent debt downgrade by Standard & Poor’s. Buffett found the downgrade by the S&P puzzling and stated that it “doesn’t make any sense”. He stated that if anything that the rating should have been raised to quadruple A. US Treasuries are still the gold standard when it comes to investment and the risk of default is virtually nonexistent. [Read more…]

Should Warren Buffett Buy Back Shares Of Berkshire Hathaway?

Warren Buffett has always been a fan of buying undervalued stocks. Buffett has made a number of acquisitions over the past few years as he looked to take advantage of the weakness in equity prices. Now shares of Buffett’s own Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) are trading at a discounted level and have a hold rating on the stock by numbers of analysts. Both Buffett and Charles Munger are surprised that the stock is trading so cheaply. Is now the right time for Warren Buffett to issue a buy back at Berkshire Hathaway? [Read more…]

5 Questions To Ask Warren Buffett At Lunch

Every year Warren Buffett auctions off a lunch for the benefit of charity. Investors bid for the chance to have lunch with Buffett and the price has gotten rather high. Lunch with Warren Buffett recently went for over $2 million dollars this year. It is a great chance for an investor to pick the brains of the Oracle of Omaha. While investors cannot get specific stock tips, they can ask him a few questions. Here are a few of the questions that I think the winner should ask of Buffett. [Read more…]

How Much Is A Lunch With You Worth?

Every year Warren Buffett auctions off a lunch meeting in which individuals bid for the opportunity to meet Warren Buffett. This year’s auction bought in a record haul as the winning bidder paid $2.6 million dollars for lunch with Buffett. The proceeds raised from the lunch are donated to a charitable organization that helps to feed the hungry. The winning bidder likely saw the purchase as an investment that is well worth the $2.6 million dollar price paid. We now know how much a lunch date with Warren Buffett is worth. How much is a lunch date with you worth?

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Has Warren Buffett’s Star Lost Its Luster?

Warren Buffett is not a happy man. His company, Berkshire Hathaway has been receiving a lot of press recently and for all of the wrong reasons. Buffett’s company has been in the news a lot recently as the company is being investigated because of its connection with a scandal.

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Warren Buffett Makes $15 A Second

Never let it be said that Warren Buffett does not know how to make money. Warren Buffett states that his wise investment in Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis is making him $15 a second! That is incredible!

Buffett’s preferred stock investment amounts to

  • $900 a minute
  • $54,000 an hour
  • $1,296,000 a day

The good times will be coming to and end however as Goldman Sachs will be repaying Buffett his $5 billion dollar investment. Don’t feel bad for Buffett as he will receive a 10 percent premium on his investment. Buffet will get a $125 million dollar dividend payment and $24 million dollars in accelerated dividends.

What Is Warren Buffett Up To Right Now?

The Oracle of Omaha has been on the news quite a bit recently. He has made some pretty bold calls on the stock and bond markets. As always Warren Buffett has been putting his money where his mouth is. Let’s take a look at what Buffett has been doing.

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Buffett Receives Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Stock investing legend Warren Buffett received the Presidential Medal Of Freedom today. This is a more personal clip of Buffett as he recounts how blessed he has been in his life.

Warren Buffett Explains Long Term Stock Investing

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