My Dividend Picks Beat Wall Street

I was contacted by a reader about the performance of 5 dividend stocks that I selected last May.The original article focused on Companies with outstanding dividend yields. He judged the performance of the five stocks over a one year time period. The 5 stocks that I selected were BP, Altria, Verizon, AT&T, and Total. Let’s see how my dividend picks did.

Here are the stats from the Dividend Inc.

Name Ticker unadjusted adjusted
BP BP 43.86 43.06 45 2.60% 4.51%
AT&T T 24.85 23.4 31.32 26.04% 33.85%
Total TOT 47.57 43.52 56.72 19.23% 30.33%
Verizon VZ 27.96 26.37 37.15 32.87% 40.88%
Altria MO 21.01 19.72 27.74 32.03% 40.67%
Average return 22.55% 30.05%


The average capital appreciation for each stock was 22.5% and the dividends added another 8% to the investment portfolio. Total was my best pick. I just knew that the oil company was way too undervalued.

A 30.05% return on investment is pretty good. That beats the S&P 500 Index’s performance over the past year.


  1. Good picks with nice results. Too bad I missed the original article.

  2. Nice job. Cool to see that someone else was following as well!

  3. Nice! But the real big money is in technical analysis

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