How I Make Money Online

I am going to start with a post on how I make money on the Internet. Here are the ways that have worked for me so far.

1. Writing for other sites.

Starting my blog has led to a number of different blogging jobs. Writing jobs have generated a consistent income stream for me. I have been able to create a passive income stream by writing for other sites. When I first started I was writing online I was making between $200 and $300 a month. Now, I can easily earn $2,000 writing for other sites.

2. Selling ad space.

Selling ad space has generated hundreds of dollars a month in consistent revenue. I can make $1,000 a month or more selling ad space to advertisers. I no longer rely on Google Adsense, Adbrite or other ad networks to bring in the advertising dollars.

3. Working as an affiliate advertiser.

Sites like Commission Junction and Flex Offers pay money for every new customer that buy something after being directed from your site. You get paid any time a customer completes an offer or purchases a product. Affiliate marketing is just really picking up for me. I have started joining a lot more affiliate programs.

5. Publishing paid posts.

Blog forums and groups are an easy way of getting referrals to companies that offer payments for posts. I always disclose to my site readers if I have received any compensation for a post. So far paid posts have generated an average of a few hundred dollars a month.

6. Miscellaneous Income

Sites like Ehow pay me residual income for old how to posts. These posts took about 5 to 10 minutes to write and were written years ago. This money has continually trickled in for 2 years now.

It takes patience but you can make money blogging. Initially you may feel like you are writing post after post with little viewership. Don’t pay attention to how many readers you have, just keep on posting good content and networking!


  1. Thanks for the advice Mark. I’ve been looking for ways to improve my site here and there at Band of Investors, and the main concern I’ve had is making sure that I’m writing decent content. The only problem is that with little traffic flow, it’s hard to be sure that I’m writing pieces that people are interested in. The one thing that I would appreciate the most would be feedback or some insight on how to improve.

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