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Free From Broke explains how Dollar Cost Averaging Helps Eliminates Emotion.

Money Help For Christians discusses how investors will be affected by Mutual Fund and Capital Gains Tax Changes.

Invest it Wisely has an interesting article on A Millionaire Teacher.

Adam at Rabbit Funds has a different take on  The Number One Thing You Should Consider When Investing.

Barel Karsan has an investment opportunity for investors with Small Portfolios Out There.

Len Penzo lists 8 Reasons Why You’re Getting An F In Personal Finance.

Money Monk asks Have You Really Looked At How Much Money You Make?

KNS Financial elaborates on a Yahoo Finance article on 12 Tricks To Make Us Spend Big.

This is an older post by Joe Taxpayer about Warren Buffett: Hero Or Opportunist. I added it because it discusses Warren Buffett.


  1. Thanks for the link. Not often a blogger get a ping to a nearly two year old article. Buffett’s Goldman Sachs deal was a financial home run. I respect him.


  2. Mark, thanks for including my article in your roundup! Much appreciated!

  3. Thanks for including my dollar cost averaging article!

  4. Thanks for including my post in your weekly roundup!

  5. Thanks for the link Mark!

  6. @ Joe Taxpayer. You’re welcome. It was a great article!
    @Khaleef. You’re welcome!
    @Craig. You’re welcome!
    @Kevin You’re welcome!
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