Best Financial Books For Teaching Your Kids About Money

best financial booksI have been getting a lot of emails asking about good books for teaching a child about personal finance. So, today I decided to take some time and discuss this topic. One of the most effective tools for teaching your child about money is a book. Books may not be as popular as they once were with kids but they are still incredibly useful. A good book can open up a previously undiscovered world to your child. There are financial books available for everyone from kindergarten to college aged. Here are some great books for teaching your kids about finances.

Ages 4 to 8

The Berenstain Bears Dollars’ And Sense

This book teaches kids how to handle money and what it can be used for. It includes tear out checks so that they can learn about a checking account.

The Berenstain Bears’ Trouble With Money

Children learn about saving money and working for money by reading an interesting story about the Berenstain Bears.

Ages 9 to 12

The Everything Kids Money Book

Kids and preteens can learn everything from how money works to how to open a bank account online. This book will teach kids the value of a dollar and some introductory information on investing.

Money Sense For Kids

This book contains a number of different exercises that teach kids the basics of savings and investing.

Ages 12 & Up

The Motley Fool Investment Guide For Teens

This is my favorite investing book for teens and adults that are new to investing. It’s a good investing 101 primer.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Money For Teens

This is an interesting book on money management. It covers every topic including saving, budgeting, investing, and dealing with debt.


The Total Money Makeover

This is a personal finance classic with useful strategies for living a debt free existence.

The Richest Man In Babylon

An incredibly easy to read book that can be read in one night. It contains simple principles that can help anyone build wealth




  1. Other than books, there are also cartoons such as The Secret Millionaires club (see youtube playlist)

    Well worth watching and a lot to learn!

  2. Good choices! Children learn even more from what the parents do. Parents should be modeling good financial habits, so their kids will grow up to be responsible adults.

  3. Berenstein Bears… Classic!

  4. Great list, and I love the post. When my wife and I start having kids, we will start to teach them about money from a very early age. I like The Total Money Makeover. Great book for the basics, but I disagree about a few things on how he goes about tackling the debt. Again though, great book overall. Keep up the awesome posts!

  5. This is a timely post for me. I will be staying with my grandkids for a week this summer at their house and want to do kind of a money camp – with learning activities on finances for them each day. They are 3 and 6.

    Might I ask how you selected the books for the youngest group and if you know of any additional good ones that the kids enjoy having read to them?


    • I selected the books based on the topics that they teach and how reader friendly they are for their age range. The Bernstein Bears have a whole series on money.

  6. Another good book that I read early on was ” The Wealthy Barber ” but it deals with a wider range of issues such as insurance etc. Still a good read for any teenager. I still cant figure out why they dont offer a course in high school to teach kids about investing, mortgages, insurance , credit cards, etc.

  7. Thank you for giving me ideas on what books to buy for my kids. I need to let them know the value of money at an early age and I think reading a book is better way to learn this.

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