BigSpot Is A Big Scam

I have recently been seeing commercials on television for a paid survey site called Big Spot. Big Spot claims that you can get paid for filling out surveys on Well this is partially true. You can get paid for taking surveys on the Internet but BigSpot is not one of those sites. is a third party site that connects you with paid survey websites. BigSpot has you put in all of your personal information and they in turn put you in touch with paid survey sites.

I find it disingenuous that BigSpot doesn’t reveal on their site that they are not a paid survey company. My guess is that Big Spot collects referral fees from actual survey sites. I suspect that your personal information is sold to advertisers so that they can try to sell you stuff you don’t want.

Avoid middlemen like Big Spot at all costs. You can register with survey sites directly. Free Paid Surveys is a reputable site that will give you free reviews of paid survey sites. They rate and review all of the survey sites out there. Read through their reviews so that you can separate the scammers from the legit sites.


  1. Be very carefull with this website the offer the world but do not provide anything that you could not get from many website for free. The are email harvesters imo. Just be carefull.

  2. avatar Anthony H. says:

    Thankyou! ( i just really needed some extra income coming inn and I was hopin Bigspot was a source, but after visualizing this article i’d rather not make an attempt..thank you Anthony Racine,WI

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