Bought 120 more shares of the Financial Select Spyder(XLF) at $9.17. I know that financials are struggling but I expect the government will come up with a plan to save them. My total shares are now up to about 1120.

Bought 90 more shares of Aflac(AFL) at 22.70.

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4 Responses to “Purchases”

  1. Hey,
    Just landed on your site. Which financial select spyder did you buy? Was that XLF?
    Looks like AFL had a mahor bump today.


  2. avatar Mark says:

    Yes. It was the XLF. I forgot to include the symbol in my post.

  3. Thanks. So what is the basis of your investments ? Fundamentals or technicals?

  4. Nice Articles, thanks for this, I really liked your blog!

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