A Snapshot Of Me

I never really post a whole lot about myself personally on here so I decided to take a little time today and do it. This post will be the first one ever solely about me. I will include some pics too since I only show one on my whole site. After reading this post, hopefully you will have a better understanding of me.

As you know my name is Mark Riddix. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I went to a Christian college in Oklahoma for four years. Yea, I know….Oklahoma! It was a total culture shock compared to the East Coast. I adjusted though and made some really great friends. Many of whom I still keep in contact with today.

This is the pic that I use for most of my photos. It’s me, my sister, and brother in law at my brother’s wedding. If you can’t tell I am really tall (6’6″). I am a sport fanatic. I like football, boxing, and college sports. Basketball is my favorite sport. I love to play whenever I can. I like the Lakers and the Heat. I am a big Ravens and Terps fan as well! (That Steelers loss was absolutely horrible.) I have never been an Orioles fan!

No clue why I was not smiling in this pic!

I am really big into physical fitness. I absolutely love lifting weights. I try to hit the gym at least four to five days a week. Sometimes I slack off and only make it three times in a week. I try to eat healthy consistently during the week. Once a week I give myself the chance to eat whatever I want. I wasn’t always this way. I had gotten way out of shape five years ago. My cousin Ray got me into going to the gym and I have been going ever since. I follow the motto: Go Hard Or Go Home!

Webcam pic: Just started using Skype. Not bad for my first attempt.

I work very long hours Monday to Friday. I split my time between managing clients money, having client meetings,  looking up investment ideas and working on my websites. This is normally between 16 to 18 hours. I have a lot of different business ventures that I am into. My goal is to ultimately move to earning the bulk of my income online. I am putting in the time now to reap the benefits tomorrow.

Me on A Deck

Saturday is my day to do whatever I like. I always pick something fun that I really want to do. That’s my time for dating, going to sporting events, traveling, doing whatever pops into my head that day. I allow myself to take a mini vacation every couple of months to unwind. Recently, I went to Virginia Beach, North Carolina, and Florida. I have been to 38 of the 50 states. I have no plans to ever visit Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Idaho. Those states don’t exactly excite me.

My favorite movies are 300, Gladiator, The Godfather, The Dark Knight, Casino, Goodfellas, and Friday. My favorite TV shows are The Office, Law & Order Criminal Intent, and Everybody Hates Chris. Sundays are my time to attend church.

As you can tell from this website, I am a big believer in stock investing. I have a bunch of stock certificates just as collectibles. I lost count but I think I have 42 stock certificates. They are harder to get today and more expensive but I think they look better than my regular account statements. I bought my first investment when I was I was in college and have been investing ever since.

Picture of my car in a shopping center parking lot

One of the first posts that I ever wrote when I started blogging was about my car. It was called Toyota vs.  Lexus. In that post I compared my previous car (Toyota Solara) to my current car (Lexus GS). I wrote a long post about was the car really worth it. I can look back now on it 2 years later and say probably not. I love the car. It’s a smooth ride, handles well and looks great but it was too much money to drop on a new car. My next car will be a very nice automobile but 2 or 3 years old so I can save 20k.

I think that’s everything. I hope you gained some insight into me. Now back to my normal postings!


  1. The Bio of Mark. Nice!

  2. I always like reading posts like this because they are very personal and you can finally see who is behind the blog. Great pictures! You work really long hours! And still manage to maintain this blog. Way to go! :-)

  3. Wow…great to learn more about you! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself today! Great read.

  5. I can relate to the culture shock of going to school in the south! I grew up in the New York/New Jersey area and went to college in Louisiana during the late 60’s. It was an eye opener!

  6. Your bio was enlightening. Also glad to hear, above all, you have God in your life. Remember in all things, to keep Jesus first. Your going places, but never forget the ‘least’ of them, ok? (I Tim. 6-6-10)

  7. I can’t believe you are really disclosing a personal side of you….Go Mark! You know I love you– your sister. LOL

  8. If your 6’6 your sister has to be really tall too! I like the list of movies.

    Do you get annoyed when you read post after post people ripping apart money managers / investment advisors?

    • She is 5″10. No, I don’t take those personally. I think it’s like anything else. You have some good money managers and some shady ones.

  9. Hey Mark I dont really do the thing you called get to know either but, just read and checked out the picture and now I have in site to who and what you are about? Dam if you can invest then why I’m I not doing this to. I see you have goals and it takes that to do anything in life right? Anyway direction is a key motive in doing this. I really like that you gave not just me but your investors a chance to know the person they are trusting. This is a good way to pull in pepz. Hit me back and tell me what you think as a investor point of view. Keep it simple and I bet you will get more of us in there to build me and your income. Just a suggestion. LOL! ;-))))

  10. What do you think of Maryland? I’d like to get an internship out there once I graduate.

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