Adding Sites To My BlogRoll

I have received quite a few emails in recent weeks about adding sites to my blogroll. Some of them are from sites that are simply looking to increase their rankings and some are from legitimate sites. I can always tell the ones that are just looking for backlinks because the emails are so generic that they can apply to anyone. Well, this got me to thinking. Would you like to added to the BuyLikeBuffett Blogroll?

I am not into trading links with sites that I never visit. I also am not a sell a link on my blogroll guy. I would like my blogroll to contain sites that I believe are reputable and would add value to the lives of my readers.

Here’s your chance to get on my Blogroll.

All that you have to do is send me your site information and tell me why I should add you to my Blogroll.

You can either shoot me anĀ  email or send me a comment on why your site would be a good addition to the Buy Like Buffett Blogroll.

I am looking for sites that have been around for awhile and have a history of producing quality content.

I promise to take a look at your site and will see if it would be a good addition for my site’s readers.



  1. We offer various investing ideas.
    Value dividend companies being one of them.
    We plan on at least monthly postings

  2. Mark,

    I would love to be added to your blog roll. I think we share similar passions around investing, and I try to write content that reflects that.

    Check it out!


  3. We don’t exactly meet the “around for a long time” criteria, but knowing my OCD when I take on a project, we won’t disappear any time soon. Please take a look at our site to see if we meet the “quality content” criteria. We’d be honoured to be included in our first blogroll!

  4. How about this: If you don’t, I’ll stab myself in the foot with those knives I didn’t win from that other site.

  5. Not convincing enough for me to win those knives, apparently!

  6. I provide great advice for saving money on groceries and showing how to save money.

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