Passive Income Roundup

This week’s roundup is focusing on new ways that you can generate a passive income stream. The list includes dividend stocks, mutual funds, and ideas that can all bring in extra money each week. I had a chance to read a lot of blog posts this week and found a lot of great entries. Here are the top passive income posts for the week. As always, Happy Reading!

Passive Income Posts

My Entrepreneurs Journey post on How I Used My Offline Knowledge To Make Money Online.

Smart Passive Income with The Truth About Getting Rich Quick

The Dividend Guy’s Blog with Dividends – Where Do You Include Them In Your Asset Allocation

Dividend Monk has a Stock Analysis Of Johnson & Johnson

Money Under 30 lists the The Best Mutual Funds And ETF’s For New Investors

Passive Family Income explains how Passive Income Leads To Extreme Wealth



  1. Thanks for including my article that I wrote for Passive Family Income! Passive income is so important in our world today. Without it, one misfortune could send us on the streets.

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