ING Direct Review

ING Direct is one of the leading online banks in the country. The country’s name is known all around the United States because of its competitive interest rates and banking features. ING Direct has some of the best banking offers in the industry and has made my list of the best savings accounts you can have. I have been an ING direct customer since the 90’s because of the great array of banking products offered.

ING Direct Review

ING Direct was started by the massive financial conglomerate known ad the ING Group. ING Group has the largest amount of revenue of any banking institution in the world. ING Direct is now in America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. ING Direct is in the process of being purchased by Capital One who made a $9 billion dollar offer for the banking giant.

ING Direct Advantages

Orange Bank Products

ING Direct’s best product is the Orange Electric Savings Account which always offers great promotions. Earn a $50 bonus when you open an Electric Orange℠ checking account from ING DIRECT. Free ATMs and no overdraft fees. The bank’s Orange Savings Account is one of the best in the country because of the interest rate paid and the ease of setting up an account. The Electric Orange Checking Account is another solid product that requires no minimum balance to open and you are paid interest on your checking account dollars. This is rare in a time when banks are charging higher fees and not paying any interest on transaction accounts.

No Fees

I am a stickler for banks and fees. Banks seem to charge you a fee for everything today. Fees are a rip-off. ING Direct does not charge any fees on its savings accounts. You do not have to worry about your bank penalizing you for too low a balance or paying monthly maintenance fees. This makes it easier to hold onto more of your own cash.

No Minimum Balance Requirement

ING Direct does not have any minimum balance requirement whatsoever. You can open an account with $1,000 or $1. It really does not matter. You are paid the same amount of interest regardless as to how much money in your account. This is true for both savings and checking accounts.

Here’s How It Works

1. An ING Direct Electric Orange Savings Account links directly to your checking account.

2. You can fund your account by transferring money directly from your checking account online or mailing in a deposit.

3. You can withdraw money by transferring money out of your Electric Savings Account and into your checking account.

4. You can set up an automatic savings plan in which you have money automatically transferred into your savings account to make saving money easier.

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ING Direct’s Grade: A+

I really like the deals offered at ING Direct and have nothing bad to say about the bank. The bank has outstanding customer service, really high interest rates, and great products. It is really easy to open an account and to get access to your money. I like the fact that there are no hidden fees and the banks has a solid reputation amongst savers.

I am very familiar with the bank’s services since I still possess an Orange Savings Account and have had Orange CD’s in the past. The bank receives my highest rating and I recommend that you consider this bank if you are looking for a high interest  savings account.

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ING Direct offers savings accounts for adults and kids.


  1. Great article and the website is user friendly.. ING direct has been one of the safest bank in the world with a high interest on their saving account. Great way to start taking some of your saving offshore..

  2. This is great. I may have missed it, but what are the interest rates for a savings account through ING? Great review 🙂

  3. I like the concept, but ING just didn’t work for me. There were 2 or 3 numbers I had to remember to access my account online, which I found annoying. Plus, I usually keep enough in my money market account to get a good rate from the brick and mortar banks. For example, the bank I use now gives me 1.1% plus a $150 sign-on bonus, as opposed to ING’s 1%. For some its probably fine, but it just wasn’t for me.

  4. If ING Direct gets purchased by Capital One…all bets are off. In fact they’ll be doomed; and faithful ING customers will be in the same boat as those ponying up the fees they’re now coughing up to the other major banks. Capital One is absolutely one of the worst corporate conglomerates EVER.

    Yes, It’s a sad day in this world for the weary consumer. Sounds to me as though it’s about time for the “fat lady to sing”…because it IS…almost over…

  5. People are going to start flocking to offers like these if the big banks continue to impose new checking and debit card fees. I also just got word that Everbank has a $60 bonus on their “no fee” checking account as well. It looks like the response from smaller banks has been to lure customers away from the major ones…and their timing is perfect imo.

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