Mint Review is a free web based form of personal finance software. The software allows users to manage all of there personal finance needs in one place. You can keep track of your bank accounts, credit card accounts, loan accounts, and financial accounts all in one place. The goal of Mint is to make keeping track of your finances easier. This way you can monitor all of your spending and saving habits without having to visit multiple sites.

Mint Review:

Company Overview

Mint was founded by Aaron Patzer back in 2006. Mint was purchased by Intuit back in 2008 which is the company that makes popular products like Quickbooks and TurboTax. Mint has over 5 millions users that use the company’s software to help them keep their financial life in order.


Mint allows you to connect to your cash accounts, credit card accounts, home loan accounts, and investment accounts. This can be done in one simple step that only takes a few minutes to perform. You do not have to type in all of your balances manually. You just connect your accounts and your balances will upload automatically.  Mint will track every single transaction that takes place in your accounts.

Budget Tracking & Creation Tools

Since creating your own budget can be a hassle, Mint makes it easy to create a budget automatically. Mint will evaluate your historical spending habits and use those numbers to create a budget for your finances. This saves you from having to input this information and perform these calculations yourself. Mint will automatically break all of your expenses down into specific categories so you see exactly where your money is going.

Suggested Savings

You can save more money by reducing unnecessary personal expenditures. Mint will track your monthly expenditures for you and recommend areas in which you could reduce your spending. These personalized recommendation offer savings opportunities amongst all spending categories. Every dollar that you eliminate in expenses is an extra dollar in income that you have to use.


One of the biggest advantages of Mint is its simplicity. You only need one simple login to keep track of all of your accounts. That is a serious timesaver if you have multiple accounts at different locations.


Mint will send alerts to your smartphone if the company detects any unusual activity on your account. This activity is detected if it is much higher than your normal spending amount. This is useful in tracking fraudulent charges and helping to thwart identity theft. You can also receive low balance alerts to help you avoid overdraft charges. Bill reminders will keep you from missing due dates and help you to avoid late fees.

My Take On Mint

There is nothing to lose by signing up for a account. All of the software is free and there is no charge to use it. Mint is the best free money management software on the web. Mint is the reason that a number of the old money management software companies like Microsoft Money have stopped creating software. There is absolutely no reason to pay for money management software when companies like Mint offer it for free. Mint is able to generate revenue by earning commissions off of products that it recommends. Whenever a customer signs up for a service(new bank account, credit card account, loan account) Mint gets a fee.

Being able to track multiple accounts through a single user interface is a really novel concept. That is something that any household can benefit from.


  1. I tried Mint about 2 years ago, when it was very new. After years with MS Money, I was underwhelmed.

    I tried it again last year, and it was vastly improved. Still, I preferred Quicken (MS Money was discontinued) and choose to use that today. I’ll probably try Mint again in a year or so. I like the idea of remote cloud access to my financial data. I use several computers for home and work, and it would be nice to always have access.

  2. Can “Mint” can be used for Canadian applications?

  3. I just recommended this to someone else–great blog post. I love it and use it. It is a great resource especially since no fees are involved. Free=awesome.

  4. Try as well; does similar stuff.

  5. Sweet! I might try it out. Do you know if I can use mint without connecting my bank accounts (manually input)?

  6. I’ve been hearing/reading many good things about I think it’s about time to try it out for my self!

    This article pretty much convinced me to give it a go 🙂 thanks for the tip!

  7. I wonder if Mint will make its way to the UK? I hope so because it looks great, and free too? Bonus.

  8. What a great free financial tool. It’s quite helpful to use a pre-designed tool rather than formulating the budget concepts or assessing how items shall be computed manually all by yourself. Thanks.

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