Zecco Review

You may not be that familiar with Zecco. Zecco is an online broker that has been in business since 2005. The company is a four star rated broker by Barron that specializes in trading stocks, options, bonds, and mutual funds. Zecco only deals in securities that are traded on the United Stated markets. The company’s target market is individuals that are active traders of stock and options positions.

Zecco Review

Zecco became known because the company was the king of free trades. At one time Zecco offered all of its customers 40 trades regardless of the size of the account. This promotion brought the brokerage firm a lot of attention as a lot of customers joined to take advantage of this offer. Today, Zecco no longer has free trades but the company does have a pretty low trade pricing model.

Zecco Advantages

Low Trading Fees

Zecco is the broker with the $4.95 trading fees. These fees are low and are exactly the same as TradeKing’s. The low trading fees are the primary selling point of the customer since it aims to be one of the lowest cost brokers in the industry.

Most stocks trades have a base price of $4.95. Penny stocks that are priced below $1.00 are $6.95 a trade. Options trades cost $4.95 and a 65 cent cost per contract. There are no minimum contracts.  This pricing is for online trades only. Broker assisted options trades cost $19.99 and 70 cents per contract. Stock trades are $19.99 when assisted by a live broker.


Zecco makes its relatively easy to place trades from anywhere you are. You can place trades from a number of different stock research websites. That is really convenient since you do not have to go to the company’s homepage and login. You can also place trades from Facebook. That is an interesting concept which I have not seen offered by any other brokerage firm.

No Minimum Balance Requirement

Although you cannot qualify for free trades with a low balance, you can still open an account with $0. Zecco offers individual, business, trust, and corporate accounts. Margin accounts do have a $2,000 minimum to open.

Investment Community

One of Zecco’s biggest selling points is the active investing community. That is because when it comes to stock trading traders have to stay up to date on the latest information. Traders can get opinions from other traders on specific equities and options. You can follow the picks of the best traders and invest where they invest.

Trading Platform

Zecco’s website and trading platform is top notch. It is easy to use and visually pleasing. The company has done a good job of updating its site over the years. Trading tools have improved and the real time quote displays are conveniently located for traders who need instant pricing.

Currency Trading

Another unique aspect of Zecco is its Forex trading platform. Users can trade foreign currencies throughout the day and evening right on the Zecco website. Currency traders can open a practice account to refine their trading skills. Once they have perfected them they can open a regular Zecco Forex account for $2,500.

Zecco Weaknesses

Transfer Fees

While transferring an account is completely free transferring out of Zecco will cost you. There is a $50 transfer fee charged by Zecco. There are some brokers that do not charge fees to transfer your account assets (stocks, bonds, options) to another brokerage.

Customer Service

Zecco has been working to improve its customer service since the firm has had complaints in the past. Zecco has done a better job at becoming more responsive to the needs of traders over the past three years. It will take time however for the company to surpass the

Portfolio Analysis Tools

Zecco is lacking in tools that allow you to evaluate and analyze a portfolio. This would be useful for long term investors that open an account with Zecco.

Zecco is an appropriate broker for those that are interested in trading. The trading fees are low enough that a trader could justify buying and selling securities on a regular basis. I did find the ability to execute trades on Facebook to be a cool option. The currency trading aspect is a nice touch to for traders. Keep in mind that currency trading carries lots of risk and is not suited for most investors. You can make a lot of money really fast or lose all of your money currency trading.

I would recommend Zecco to someone that is looking to trade. Long term investors however could find better options elsewehere.

Zecco’s Grade: B-



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