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Are you tired of writing online month after month and making nothing? Are you sick of only making a few cents per day for all of your hard work? Do you feel like you have failed at your blogging dream?

If so then you are not alone. Most bloggers started writing with the hopes of making money and have not yet realized their goal. The truth is that most bloggers aren’t trying to make six or seven figures by blogging.

They would just be happy with a simple five figure income. This report will help you learn how you can really make money online.

I used all of these strategies to start making $2,000 a month in my first 90 days of blogging.

How To Make $2,000 A Month Online is a downloadable report created to help you make money writing online, build a better blog and jump start your online earnings.

This Digital Report focuses on teaching you about:

  1. Making Money Outside Of Your Blog – the first 90 days are spent building your blog and making money outside of it. This involves getting online writing jobs to build your credibility.
  2. Making Money With Your Blog – after 90 days your blog should be set up so that you are generating income from it.

This two pronged approach is designed so that you will be making some sort of income throughout your entire blogging career.

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What You Will Learn

This report is designed to help you create an income stream using every online resource available to you as a blogger. The report includes:

  • Strategies For Creating Online Income – actionable proven methods that you can use to make money online. (writing for other sites, landing staff writing jobs, paid reviews, blogging)
  • How To Land Blogging Jobs– tips, techniques to land lucrative blogging jobs.
  • Best Online Sites For Making Money – tons of links, resources, and descriptions that are guaranteed to make you some money.
  • Easy To Follow Guide For Closing Ad Deals – learn how to convince advertisers to buy space on your site.
  • Step By Step Approach To Building A Blog– 10 steps covering everything from improving your rankings to creating killer content.
  • 25 Essential WordPress Plugins– forget All In One SEO – there are better SEO plugins available.
  • Advanced Strategies For SEO – rank higher, faster in Google, Yahoo, Bing. (These are the tactics I don’t discuss publicly.)

The best thing about this report is that you can make money online even without a blog.

Who Can Benefit From Reading This Report?

How To Make $2,000 A Month Online Will Help:

  • new bloggers trying to figure out how to build a blog.
  • online writers looking for ways to earn extra income.
  • established bloggers that have not been able to make money online.
  • bloggers that are frustrated by their lack of traffic and visitors online.

This book is designed so that it can even help bloggers who haven’t started a blog yet. It has a tutorial on setting up a blog.

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Price $19.95

By the time you finish reading this report you’ll have:

  • learned all of the potential ways that you can generate online income
  • discovered how to get paid for writing online
  • started on the path to earning ad income
  • developed techniques to increase your blog’s search engine rank and Twitter followers
  • learned how to start a blog from scratch
  • reached out to and developed working relationships with other bloggers
  • developed an understanding of SEO tactics for increasing your blog’s traffic
  • discovered ways to grow your blog readership
  • learned best tools and resources for SEO that will get you rising in the search engines

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee.jpgIf you’re not satisfied with the How To Make $2,000 Online report after 30 Days Just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will aid you in making money online.

About the Author

Mark Riddix is the founder of Buy Like Buffett (Investing Tips) and Mark Riddix dot com (Making Money Online). Mark is the author of the book, Your Financial Playbook and e-book 101 Ways To Make Money Online. Mark’s posts have been published in national magazines, newspapers, and other publication. He has done radio interviews and a webinar for eHow in which he taught hundreds of writers about how to build a money making blog.

This 59 page guide is a great resource for new bloggers, established bloggers, and online writers.

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Price $19.95