10 Great Websites For Saving Money

We may talk a lot about investing money at Buy Like Buffett but we love to save money too. Everybody likes to save money and Buy Like Buffett is no exception. Getting a discount on a purchase allows you to put some extra cash in your savings account or add to your investment portfolio. Whatever your reason for saving money, these sites will help you get the best deal.  Here are 10 great sites for saving some cash.

Brad’s Deals publishes the best online deals and coupons that retailers are offering. The best part of Brad’s deals is that it consolidates most of the online deals in one place.

Faithful With A Few has  a great coupon database that allows site users to search for items on sale by description.

Bucksome Boomer has a Couponing section that lists the best sites for saving money on just about anything.

Savings.com offers savings from your favorite brands and stores.

The Simple Dollar is a great site with a ton of money saving tips for everyone.

Free From Broke details the best offers and rates on savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and credit cards.

Woot is unique in that the company only offers one item for sale every day. Every 24 hours a new item is displayed for sale.

Maximizing Money helps you get the best deals for your credit cards and savings cash. This is my favorite website for finding bank deals.

Wisebread teaches you how to stretch your dollar and become an informed shopper.

The Freebie Blogger lists some of the best sales on the world wide web.

Here are a few more sites that are great for saving you some money.

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  3. Thanks for the info, saving money is really getting hard theses days, everything becomes expensive thanks that there are sites like this to help us through.

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