Save Money On Deals At SociallyIdeal

save money shoppingDaily deals are a hot topic today with so many people looking for different ways to save money. Sites like Groupon and Woot are pretty well-known by frugal shoppers. There is a new money saving site that is offering a ton of great daily deals known as Sociallyideal. The site is a place where people and ideas connect. The following is a sponsored post.

Sociallyideal instantly recognizes your location and helps you to find the best deals in your area. You can either visit the website or sign up to get deals delivered to your email address.  The deal of the day is a product or service being offered at a substantially discounted price.

Recent deals have included discounts on gift cards, restaurants, maid cleaning services, movie tickets, and car washes. The daily deal could save you money on just about any purchase. For example, I think that paying $10 for a $20 Target gift card was a really great deal. This was a promotion just a week ago.

Here’s how Sociallyideal works

  • Everyday Sociallyideal features a  deal of the day
  • Click on the link and purchase the deal of the day
  • After one business day you will receive an e-mail with a voucher
  • Print the voucher and redeemit
  • It’s that easy!

My Thoughts

I like the concept of Sociallyideal. The site reminds me of I prefer deal sites that feature one product each day as opposed to millions of offers at a time. It’s way easier to focus on one deal at a time than it is easy to search through a bunch of deals that have nothing to do with what you are looking for.

I have found that you typically get a much larger discount from sites that focus on one daily deal each day than multiple offers. The discounts are sometimes as great a 80% off of the regular price. I have only recently become familiar with and plan on visiting the site often in the future.

For more information, visit the Sociallyideal website.


  1. Bummer. Only in DC.

  2. It sounds a lot like Groupon to me. I wonder what the extra incentive is? Why not just go to Groupon instead?

  3. Conceptually, I like saving money! For some people, this could cause them to spend money they do not have and get into debt.

  4. Well I live in DC area and I just checked this site out. What I really like is that these sites bring out things to do or places to visit that you really don’t know about. Getting a good deal is always a plus. Every good site has something to offer otherwise we will be buying just Chevrolet and drinking only Coke.

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