Tip#5:Lower your utility bill

Following a few simple energy conservation tips can save you money on your home heating and cooling bills. Unplug electrical items (computers, cell phone chargers, and DVD players) when not in use. These items drain electricity and increase energy costs. Remember to turn off your air conditioner whenever you leave the house. There is no reason for the air conditioner to be blasting cold air when no one is there to enjoy it. During the winter turn the thermostat down. A 5 degree drop in temperature represents a 15% savings. Make the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs are better for the environment and cut down on energy costs. You could also qualify for energy tax credits by becoming more energy efficient.

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  1. These simple tips are really great. We can practice it to save electric energy in simple ways.

    But you know we can enjoy using our home appliances without worrying electricity cost by having a proper insulation your home. So you can keep the coolness of your air conditioner. You should also clean your air con once a month.

    In Texas, we have a tremendous climate swings, 50% of our home’s energy cost from operating heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. It is wise decicion to upgrade the HVAC equipment so the appliances will run better for longer periods. Our electricity provider gives us options on their electricity offerings.

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